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Outdoor Activity: Painting Rocks

Stop Summer Boredom

Painting rocks is a perfect outdoor activity for days when it's too hot to be running around but you don't want to be stuck inside. Kids from toddler to tween can participate and the pieces of rock art can be proudly displayed in your garden.

Craft Level: Easy
Craft Clean Up: Easy
Age Level: Toddler To Tween

Items Needed:

  • Different Sized Paintbrushes
  • Water-based Paints
  • Painters Palette or Small Paper Cups
  • Large Bowl Of Water To Rinse Paint Brushes
  • Rocks

This project is best done in the shade and it's preferable to line the ground with newspaper because spills will happen.

Put paints onto palettes or into small paper cups, hand out paintbrushes, give each child three to four rocks and let his or her imagination take over.

And if you're feeling particularly brave, let them stir the paint around in the bowls and palettes and have a spatter party.

I guarantee your kids will remember it as a highlight of their day.