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This Is What Is Wrong With Social Media

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Take a minute to watch this video by Jimmel Kimmel Live that shows Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets sent to them.

Kudos to these celebrities who were able to poke fun at themselves but while funny, this video kinda points out exactly what is wrong with social media and the internet. People say mean things, leave mean comments, and basically say the things they would never say to a person's face, and not just to celebrities. It's happened to our editor-in-chief, Ali Martell, when she wrote about how she makes her children hold hands if they fight. It happened to me when I had an article posted on MSN and was left the comment that I should use my head for more than just holding hats.

In fact, I would bet my bottom dollar that if I went on to Twitter right now and asked people if someone has ever left a mean comment for them on a social media outlet, there would be more yeses than noes.

We need to remember, celebrity or not, there are real people behind computer screens. Real people with feelings.

Here's your simple life rule for today:

If you wouldn't look a person straight in the eye and say it to his face, don't write it.