Jan 20 2015

5 Reasons You Need Oatmeal in Your Life

This dietitian is a serious oatmeal fanatic - For good reason!

by: Sarah Remmer, RD

Oatmeal happens almost everyday in my house. With the exception of the summer month (when instead I throw oats into cookies, muffins, and smoothies), my family eats oatmeal for breakfast everyday.

Jan 15 2015

8 Weight Management Strategies This Dietitian Swears By

Surprising (and refreshing) non-diet weight loss strategies from a nutrition expert

by: Sarah Remmer, RD

Most people struggle with their weight at one point or another, even nutrition experts. Achieving sustainable weight loss isn't easy, otherwise everyone would sit at their most comfortable weight. Most of the time, we turn to quick fixes- diets that leave us feeling deprived and restricted - that might work short term but ultimately result in disappointment and defeat, as well as a growing mountain of metabolic and weight issues.
Jan 9 2015

6 Game-Changing Questions to Ask Your Picky Eater

Make meals more enjoyable and less stressful by changing the dinnertime Dialogue

by: Sarah Remmer, RD

Many parents dread mealtimes with their kids, because getting them to eat - or at least even try - nutritious foods seems nearly impossible without a full-on battle. Growth slows after the age of two, which often translates into kids having smaller appetites and erratic eating patterns. When this is coupled with a child's newfound desire to control their lives (eg.


The Face, The Voice, The Blog!

Sarah likes to refer to herself as the "Non-Diet Dietitian." Her mission is to inspire people to enjoy food in an intuitive and non-restrictive way, while respecting their health at the same time. Sarah is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, writer and appears regularly in local and national media.

She's also a mother, a wife and a lover of chocolate, red wine, coffee and pretty much all foods. She aspires to become remotely as amazing a cook as her Mom is and to one day find that "sweet spot" balance between being a great Mom/wife and running a successful part-time business (she's a dreamer too!).

She enjoys practicing yoga, jogging and playing hide-and-seek with her toddler. 

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