Dec 15 2014

5 Holiday Eating Rules You Should Throw Out the Window

Here's why you need to ignore common holiday tips (and what to do instead!)

by: Sarah Remmer, RD

Holiday eating tips

The holidays are here and so are fun holiday parties and get-togethers involving delicious food. As fun as this time of year is, it can also induce a bit of anxiety in those who are trying to watch their weight.

Nov 30 2014

Breakfast Outside the Box: Oatmeal Apple UN-Muffin Muffins

Taking Oatmeal to a whole new (delicious) level

by: Sarah Remmer, RD

I've written about the importance of breakfast few times on this blog and I still can't stress it enough. Whether or not you eat breakfast (and what you include in it) will set the stage for your day nutrition-wise. It may even prevent you from unhealthy snacking later on (which can help with weight management).

Nov 28 2014

What You Might Not Know About Feeding Your Baby Solids

Four Things Parents Need To Know about feeding babies

by: Sarah Remmer, RD

Introducing solids to your baby can be nerve-wracking and a bit overwhelming, especially when you're overloaded with conflicting information about what, when, and how to do it.


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Sarah likes to refer to herself as the "Non-Diet Dietitian." Her mission is to inspire people to enjoy food in an intuitive and non-restrictive way, while respecting their health at the same time. Sarah is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, writer and appears regularly in local and national media.

She's also a mother, a wife and a lover of chocolate, red wine, coffee and pretty much all foods. She aspires to become remotely as amazing a cook as her Mom is and to one day find that "sweet spot" balance between being a great Mom/wife and running a successful part-time business (she's a dreamer too!).

She enjoys practicing yoga, jogging and playing hide-and-seek with her toddler. 

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