Sep 12 2014

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Blood Pressure And Health In Check

And the Link Between Lifestyle Choices and Hypertension

by: Sarah Remmer, RD

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Blood Pressure And Health In Check

Even though I'm a Registered Dietitian, eat a healthy balanced diet (most of the time) and make physical activity part of my daily routine, I am not immune to developing health problems. Because high blood pressure—also known as hypertension—runs in my family (both of my parents have it), I am at an increased risk of developing it. If I continue to take good care of myself by eating well and staying active, I may be able prevent hypertension, but if my blood pressure eventually does creep up, I will do my best to keep it well controlled.

Sep 10 2014

Teacher As Nutrition Cop: Our Dietitian's Take

Should teachers be playing the role of "food police"?

by: Sarah Remmer, RD

When I received an e-mail from my son's new preschool outlining their "no treat" snack policy (even for birthdays), my first thought was, "where's the fun?" followed quickly by, "and what, exactly, is considered a treat?" But what really got me was the teacher's list of healthy choices, which included cereal bars, pudding cups, fruit snacks, and pepperoni sticks. 

Sep 8 2014

5 Kid-Friendly Ideas To Include Veggies In Family Meals

How to make vegetables fun and delicious for your kids

by: Sarah Remmer, RD

5 Kid-Friendly Ideas To Include Veggies In Family Meals

If there's one food group that tends to be the source of family food battles, it's vegetables. Veggies, especially the nutritious green ones, are often bitter-tasting and therefore don't appeal to children as much as other foods. As parents though, we do whatever we can to get our kids to eat some vegetables every day (even just a few bites!) because we know the nutritional benefits they provide. 


The Face, The Voice, The Blog!

Sarah likes to refer to herself as the "Non-Diet Dietitian." Her mission is to inspire people to enjoy food in an intuitive and non-restrictive way, while respecting their health at the same time. Sarah is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, writer and appears regularly in local and national media.

She's also a mother, a wife and a lover of chocolate, red wine, coffee and pretty much all foods. She aspires to become remotely as amazing a cook as her Mom is and to one day find that "sweet spot" balance between being a great Mom/wife and running a successful part-time business (she's a dreamer too!).

She enjoys practicing yoga, jogging and playing hide-and-seek with her toddler. 

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