Aug 29 2014

15 Dietitian-Approved Lunch Box Staples

Take the stress out of packing healthy school lunches with these tips and ideas from our Registered Dietitian

by: Sarah Remmer, RD

The first day of school is right around the corner, and many of us are faced with the seemingly daunting task of packing healthy lunches every day for our kids. Because this seems to be a common source of anxiety for moms everywhere, I thought I'd create a list of kid-friendly lunch-box staples that have my dietitian's stamp of approval.

But first, here are five tips that will help you feel a little less overwhelmed and a little more prepared for making healthy lunches that you kids will actually eat: 

Aug 25 2014

Boost Your Chances of Conceiving By Improving Your Diet

Simply improving the way you eat can boost your chances of becoming pregnant

by: Sarah Remmer, RD

When you and your partner make the decision to have a baby, the initial excitement and happiness that you feel at the thought of conceiving can slowly turn into worry and anxiety if it doesn't happen right away. The deep desire to become a mom is like no other—it can be all-consuming and heart wrenching. And the waiting game...almost agonizing.

Aug 6 2014

Top 5 Healthy Lunches For Work-At-Home Moms

When time is precious, quick and easy lunches are a must

by: Sarah Remmer, RD

Being a work-at-home Mom is blissful for so many reasonsyou are able to stay in your pajamas for the better part of the day, the coffee is free and flowing, and you're available for your little ones when they need you (ok, maybe not always so blissful).


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Sarah likes to refer to herself as the "Non-Diet Dietitian." Her mission is to inspire people to enjoy food in an intuitive and non-restrictive way, while respecting their health at the same time. Sarah is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, writer and appears regularly in local and national media.

She's also a mother, a wife and a lover of chocolate, red wine, coffee and pretty much all foods. She aspires to become remotely as amazing a cook as her Mom is and to one day find that "sweet spot" balance between being a great Mom/wife and running a successful part-time business (she's a dreamer too!).

She enjoys practicing yoga, jogging and playing hide-and-seek with her toddler. 

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