Apr 4 2011

Kitchen Reno Update

A Backsplash Adds Splash

by: Sarah Gunn

My kitchen reno that I thought would last for 3-4 weeks is now in its fifth month. The cabinets went in quickly but I had an issue with my counter which held things up for ages. Then barfy children and life in general got in the way of everything else. Our beautiful backsplash was finally installed last week.

The backsplash has added a new step to the reno though. The colours do not match the existing wall colour, which is Behr’s Salty Tear.

So I am going to change it to my favourite Benjamin Moore blue, Harbor Haze.

Nov 24 2010

I Know This Much Is True

kitchen reno: putting it all together

by: Sarah Gunn

Gunn Family Kitchen Reno {First 3 Days}

I have been in kitchen reno hell for 3 days now.

Only it’s not the reno part that’s hell. It’s the decision part.

My Own Private I Don’t Know.

Granite or quartz?
Hood or over the range microwave?
Reduce the window trim or change the cabinet layout?
Where exactly on the doors do I want the knobs?
And on and on and on......and guess what? I. Don’t. Know.

Nov 20 2010

Let's Get This Party Started!

Ikea Kitchen Renovation

by: Sarah Gunn

Kitchen Reno: Part 3

Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for.  I have lived with the ugliest kitchen ever for five long years. But tomorrow that is all going to change.

We are getting our new kitchen.

Sure, I have not picked out the counters yet {it’s so hard to choose!} and I need to special order some hardware {I am super picky} but the ugly cabinets are getting torn down.

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