Jan 22 2014

Craft Room Makeover: From Disaster To DIY-er's Dream

Check out these amazing before and after shots

by: Sarah Gunn

Our basement storage room was a winning contender for an episode of Hoarders. Seriously. I had to climb over boxes and bins to get to my craft supplies. I redid the rest of the basement in the spring, so I decided to tackle this neglected corner of our house over the Christmas holiday. 

Here is what it looked like before . . . okay, if I'm honest, here is what it looked like before, after I cleaned it for about two hours: 

Sep 23 2013

Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins

Autumn DIY

by: Sarah Gunn

The traditional colours of autumn and Halloween do not work in my pastel world, so I love experimenting with Halloween DIY projects.

Sep 11 2013

DIY Place Card Holders

repurposing vintage finials

by: Sarah Gunn

I have wanted to make place card holders using vintage finials for ages and I finally found the perfect ones at my favourite antique spot in Nova Scotia, Sunnyhill Antiques.

Apr 29 2013

DIY Stenciled Napkins

Add pretty patterns to your table settings with this project

by: Sarah Gunn

I recently styled a project and wanted some pretty napkins to accent the table setting. I soon discovered that patterned fabric napkins are hard find, so I thought I would try making my own.

I picked up these plain white napkins from Gluckstein Home:

Jan 7 2013

DIY Chevron Tray

create a custom tray with fabric and a cookie sheet

by: Sarah Gunn

This is the time of year when we all feed the need to be more organized. A great way to 'corral your clutter' is to use decorative trays throughout your home. They add colour and pattern and keep small every day items together in one place. I created this fabric covered tray for a recent Cityline segment. It now has a happy new home on my coffee table. For now, it holds flowers.

Oct 16 2012

Halloween DIY Decor

Five Fang-tastic DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

by: Sarah Gunn

Halloween is on its way. Have you spookified your home yet? If not, never fear, I searched the web for the top five Halloween DIY projects to turn your home into a haunted house:

Click on the links below to find out how you can make each one of these amazing DIYs. Happy Halloween! 

Sep 11 2012

Fall Home Show Ultimate Upcycle Challenge And More

Raising Money And Awareness For Habitat For Humanity

by: Sarah Gunn

The Fall Home Show starts in just over a week.

Jun 25 2012

Is DIY a Dirty Word in the Design World?

DIWhy The Judging?

by: Sarah Gunn


Why is this such a dirty word* in the design world? Time after time I see tweets, blog posts and Facebook updates criticizing DIY.

Fine. Not everyone likes it. I get it. What I want to know is, why do people have to put something down if they don't like it?

Nov 17 2011

Holiday Decor Ideas For Kids

Cityline Segment Sneak Peek

by: Sarah Gunn

I am so excited about the DIY projects that I am working on for my next Cityline segment that I just had to share a little peek with you!

Holiday photo booth props are just one of the many ideas I will be sharing. And, seriously, is there anything cuter than a child posing with reindeer antlers?

Make sure to tune in on Monday, December 12th for a ton of great holiday decor ideas for kids! I'll be sharing all of the how-to's right here on my blog too.


Jun 2 2011

Nice Cans

Crafty Project for Food Cans

by: Sarah Gunn

Here is a super easy crafty project to give your old cans new life. I am talking food cans. Obviously. You are reading the wrong blog altogether if you are looking for ways to improve your other cans.

All you need is pretty paper, clean food cans, scissors {or a paper cutter} and double sided tape to take your cans from this:

to this:

How to:

Measure the can


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But this story does have a happy ending: years of experience watching decorating shows and clipping ideas from her favourite design magazines have equipped Sarah with the mad decorating skills she needs to turn anyone's house into the home of their dreams with great tips, tricks and inspiration. 

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Sarah has recently had a dream of a lifetime come true: she now shares her mad DIY skills on the popular show, CityLine. She is also now designing spaces for children. If this is all a dream, then please don't wake her up. 

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