Aug 30 2011

Pure Green Magazine Giveaway

A Stylish and Eco Friendly Canadian Decor Magazine

by: Sarah Gunn

I have an addiction to online décor magazines. I love the inspiration, the ideas and the gorgeous images. One of my new favourites is Pure Green Magazine.

Not only is it Canadian {yay!} it is dedicated to sharing stylish sustainable living and design ideas. You will find beautiful spaces, mouth-watering recipes, DIY projects, eco travel destinations and more, all with the purpose of living green.

Mar 6 2011

Your Amazing Ideas for Jessie's Room - Thank You

stylish ideas for a little girl's dream room

by: Sarah Gunn

I have literally received hundreds of amazing ideas for Jessie’s bedroom reno-cation.

First, let me say thank you! I am truly inspired by your creativity.

I think it would be a tad selfish to keep all of these amazing design tips to myself so here are a just a few of the suggestions that I think would work for Jessie’s space:

Use magnetic paint above a desk as a spot for Jessie to display her art and posters Karen from Arthur, ON

Feb 28 2011

Royale's YMC Reno Contest Part 2: Help A Girl Out!

Shopping at Pottery Barn Kids and Ikea for children's décor

by: Sarah Gunn

One of my favourite parts of decorating any space is the shopping.

The bedroom I am decorating for 7 year old Jessie is no exception. It doesn’t hurt that she is a like a mini me; she loves pink, flowers and is a total girly girl. Thank you to Royale for the renocation dream job!

As with any project, you need a starting point; a major element to act as inspiration for the rest of the space. I went shopping at two of my favourite stores, Pottery Barn Kids and Ikea to find some of the items on Jessie’s wish list.

Jan 29 2011

Valentine Vignette & Giveaway

Valentine's Day Décor Ideas

by: Sarah Gunn

I look for any excuse to switch up decor and accessories in my home. Now that my holiday decorations are packed away, I wanted to bring pretty back. Valentine’s Day is nearly here so I used it as my inspiration to create a romantic vignette in my bedroom.

I started with layering art:

flowers on canvas {just like my wedding bouquet} given to us from my parents as a gift,

a Valentine inspired piece I created ,


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