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Shopping Vintage Décor

Vintage bottles add style to any space.

When I was young I loved visiting my grandparents in The Valley. Their houses, first in a town aptly called Paradise, and later in Ernest Buckler’s home in Bridgetown were old, beautiful and packed with antiques. I loved exploring all of the rooms, peeking inside of closets and snooping in cabinets. There was a treasure around every corner. One thing I loved was the collection colourful tiny bottles that lined the window sills.

Vintage is all the rage right in design right now {again}. In my world, it has always been is style. I started collecting vintage pieces in my teens. Shopping for vintage decor is economical, environmentally friendly and brings a sense of history and style to your home that shopping ‘new’ does not offer. One of my favourite things to collect are glass milk bottles.

Vintage bottles look so pretty in a simple grouping:

and they are great for displaying blooms.

I love the simplicity of this flower arrangement in my dining room:

Next time you wander through an antique market or a garage sale, keep your eyes open for vintage glass. Bring some home and add a liitle history to your space.

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collage #2: a cottage in the woods, loobous and shoes, unknown, sania pell homemade, tumblr
thanks a bunch painting: dear hancoc
A big thank you to Jenna from SAS Interiors. I came across her images on pinterest and was inspired!