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Scandinavian Christmas with a Pop of Pink

IKEA holiday decor

I love decorating for Christmas, so when IKEA asked me to participate in their 'Help Spread Jul' event, it was a very fast yes! Jul is Swedish for Christmas, by the way {It's one of the few Swedish words I recall from living in Stockholm}. It is no secret that I love IKEA and I look there every year for holiday decor. I have to say though, that this year the selection is spectacular. 

I created several DIY projects with a red, pink, and white theme so I thought I would decorate my living room in this fresh colour combination. IKEA has a lot of pretty red and white decorations to add to what I already made, so it was easy to find everything I needed. But I did have one problem. The bookcase I wanted to style looks like this:

Not great for a red, white, and pink colour scheme is it? So I headed outside the Christmas decor section at IKEA to see if I could find something to make the green go away {at least for now}. I found a few options but finally settled on a fabric shower curtain. I then had boards cut to size, wrapped them in the fabric and popped them into the back of the bookcase. I know, it sounds crazy, but it looks festive, don't you think? 

Next came the fun part: putting the whole look together!

Want to create your own IKEA Christmas vignette? Here is how you can get the look:

1. JUMLS bowl $6.99
2. SKURAR plant pot $3.99
3. FEJKA Christmas tree $14.99
4. RIBBA frame $9.99
5. JULMYS ornaments $4.99 / pack of 4
6. FEJKA artificial plant $6.99
7. SLOM jars $1.99 - 3.99
8. MARGARETA shower curtain $16.99

Several other bloggers are participating the in the IKEA Spread the Jul event. You can find links to their posts on Pinterest or by searching the hashtag #IKEAdesign on twitter. 

*IKEA provided me with a gift card for holiday decor shopping.

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