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More Vintage Shopping in Nova Scotia

Something for everyone

Surprise.....I did some more shopping in Nova Scotia and found a some fabulous vintage goodies. This time I was searching for some decor for my son's room. I am planning on redecorating this fall and I wanted to find a few pieces that add some personality to the space. 

I found this paint-by-numbers at a new {and now a favourite} antique shop, Sunnyhill Antiques. I am now kind of obsessed with vintage paint-by-numbers, but I am trying to work through it. My little guy loves pirates and I love the colours. The frame will be painted as soon as I get home.

I also found some other pieces for his room at a shop in Bridgewater called, Darrell's Collectibles. I have wanted to start a collection of these vintage piggy bank globes for ages and I picked these two up for $10 each. Score! Now for the metal boat; I know it is ugly. But just wait until I DIY it! I do not want to get all themey with his room, so no more boats or nautical items allowed.

I picked up a few more goodies for me too. As you may know, I am obsessed with ironstone pitchers, I bought another one and one bowl as well, just to mix things up a bit. I found the pretty little glass piece at an outdoor antique market. The old glass light fixture was a steal at $5.00. I plan to use it as a sculptural piece on a bookcase. I love the shape and texture. My mom then told me that it is the same one she had in her kitchen growing up. How great is that?!

Of course, I don't spend every day shopping. Most days you can find us here: 

Hope you are having a great summer!