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Watch Book Trailers to Motivate Kids to Read

From Classics to new releases, video clips motivate kids to read

"Wow! I can't wait to get my hands on THAT book!"

Imagine tantalizing teasers, music, and graphics created by librarians and teachers. Imagine enthusiastic productions created by kids for kids.  Think everything from Classics to new releases with enough plot to draw your child in without completely giving it away.  All your kids have to do is pick up the book to find out what happens next.  Brilliant!

Here are five ways you and your kids can get the most out of book trailers:

"What should I read next?"  Click here  at Slime Kids for a selection of books by decade and grade level.

 "Maybe I'll try that kind of book for a change." Expose kids to books outside their comfort zone. Click here for Scholastic's recommended summer reading list.

  "Other kids love reading too!" It's waaay cooler to get recommendations from other kids than from parents. Award-winning trailers produced by kids here at Book Trailers for Readers.

 "I can picture the book!" Cool graphics and music make books come to life. Great for reluctant readers. Click here for Harper-Collins' videos.

 "I want to make my own book trailer!" Click here for instructions. A lot of teachers are trying this with their students as an alternative to book reports. 

So, what are you waiting for? Lights! Camera! READ!