Mar 30 2015

Redefining Family Night: Dance Like EVERYBODY Is Watching

If You Can't Beat them, Join them!

by: Nicole MacPherson

Redefining Family Night: Dance Like EVERYBODY Is Watching
Many years ago, while my firstborn was still in utero and my second was just a twinkle in my eye, I had a vision about what motherhood would be like. I imagined pushing my children on swings in the playground, coffee dates with my girlfriends while our toddlers quietly played together and our babies slept peacefully. I also imagined a weekly family night in which we would all happily eat snacks and play board games.
Mar 25 2015

Ditch the Mix: Best Vegan Vanilla Cake


by: Nicole MacPherson


In my house, spring is cake season! Starting with my older son's birthday in March, and ending with my dog's birthday at the end of May, there is an occasion for a cake every three weeks. Hooray for cake!

However, even the most enthusiastic baker (i.e., ME) gets a little weary after the third or fourth cake. It's tempting then to just grab a box of cake mix and a container of frosting. I understand! It seems like the easiest solution: grab a box of mix, dump it into a bowl, beat it with some water, oil, eggs...but wait! 

Mar 23 2015

Vegan Kitchen Hack: Amazing 2-Ingredient Chocolate Frosting


by: Nicole MacPherson


Let's set the scene: it's 9:00 pm. The school bake sale is tomorrow, and you just found out over dinner that you were "volunteered" to bring two dozen cupcakes. You've finished helping with homework, overseeing baths, getting the kids into bed, AND baking the required cupcakes. You pull the beautiful, fragrant cupcakes out of the oven only to realize that you have no frosting and are all out of butter and icing sugar.


The Face, The Voice, The Blog!

Nicole loves food!  She loves cooking, baking, grocery shopping, and just wearing her apron that sports a cupcake motif.  For the most part she avoids processed and packaged foods and loves to create recipes based on her craving-of-the-day. Nicole is a longtime vegetarian (sometimes vegan) who lives in Calgary with her husband, two sons, and a male dog.  Her testosterone-infused house is one full of meat-lovers, and she ties on that cupcake apron to incorporate her family’s love of meat into her own meatless meals. Vegetarian and vegan meals can be simple and delicious — and can easily be adapted for those who are on Team Carnivore.   

Join Nicole as she divulges tips and tricks for creating meals, snacks, and desserts that appeal to the whole family, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. 

You can find Nicole on twitter: @nicoleboyhouse

Visit her personal blog, Girl in a Boy House


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