Jan 29 2015

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Sweets for the Sweet

by: Nicole MacPherson


In the words of an inspirational quote, sometimes what we are searching for is right in front of us. Sometimes, happiness is right there, and we just have to reach out and grab it. 

And so it is with this recipe for chocolate covered strawberries - happiness is within your grasp. All you need are two ingredients and twenty minutes, and you too can achieve the kind of joy that can only be reached through delicious chocolate-covered fruit.

Jan 23 2015

Vegan Kitchen Hack: How to Switch Coconut Oil for Butter


by: Nicole MacPherson

There is nothing quite so wonderful as a fragrant, buttery cookie, still warm from the oven. It's a thing of beauty, a delectable treat - unless you cannot have dairy. For the dairy-sensitive or allergic, butter is a contraband substance.  

Cookies and other baked goods - such as squares or brownies - rely on fats that are solid at room temperature - like butter, or certain margarines - to obtain the proper taste and texture. For those who are unable to eat dairy, coconut oil is a perfect substitute for butter in baked goods. 

Jan 21 2015

Savoury Lentil Stew Recipe


by: Nicole MacPherson


It's winter. It's cold. When the wind is whistling outside and the snow is flying, we all crave comfort food; "stick-to-your-ribs" recipes that are warming and filling.


The Face, The Voice, The Blog!

Nicole loves food!  She loves cooking, baking, grocery shopping, and just wearing her apron that sports a cupcake motif.  For the most part she avoids processed and packaged foods and loves to create recipes based on her craving-of-the-day. Nicole is a longtime vegetarian (sometimes vegan) who lives in Calgary with her husband, two sons, and a male dog.  Her testosterone-infused house is one full of meat-lovers, and she ties on that cupcake apron to incorporate her family’s love of meat into her own meatless meals. Vegetarian and vegan meals can be simple and delicious — and can easily be adapted for those who are on Team Carnivore.   

Join Nicole as she divulges tips and tricks for creating meals, snacks, and desserts that appeal to the whole family, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. 

You can find Nicole on twitter: @nicoleboyhouse

Visit her personal blog, Girl in a Boy House


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