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Woman Digs up Missing Wedding Ring

16-Year Carrot Gold

First there was the man who waded through tons of garbage in a landfill site to find his wife's missing wedding ring. Now a Swedish woman has a lost-and-found story of her own, sure to go down in the annals.

Lena Paahlsson had taken off her wedding ring before a Christmas baking session with her daughters 16 years ago. She was devastated when it went missing from the kitchen counter. Imagine her shocked delight to find the ring all these years later -- impaled on a carrot from her very own garden!

Paahlsson told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper she had looked literally everywhere, even dug up floorboards on her farm in northern Sweden, to find the missing band. She had eventually lost all hope of ever seeing the ring again, until she was picking the last carrots of the season.

The family has since concluded that the ring must have fallen down the sink and been mixed up with composted vegetables.

The irony? The ring no longer fits. But Paahlsson plans to have it resized.

Ever presumed something was missing, only to have it turn up in an unlikely place?