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The Man Who Beget 50 Children

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A 90-year-old Brazilian farmer goes by the name dad to a lot of people: 50, to be exact. Just four women, including two sisters and their mother, have given birth to his huge brood.

"The thing that God made best in the world was woman," said Luiz Costa de Oliveira, who admitted he couldn't even name all of his kids if he had to, and that there might even be more than 50.

The breakdown goes something like this: 17 children with Luiz's first wife Francisca, another 17 with Maria Francisca da Silva. While Maria's sister Ozelita was around helping out with the full house, Luiz struck up a relationship with her too, and added an extra 15 to the mix.

Even the sisters' mother was not safe from Luiz's wiles. Once upon a time 89-year-old Francisca Maria succumbed to Casanova, but at least she had the sense to have just one baby with him.

Sounds like Luiz had been reading too much Genesis and took it upon himself to populate the world from the beginning. Let's hope someone has the sense to keep the Viagra far, far out of reach.