Mar 2 2015

Parents Get Tattoos to Match Daughter's Birthmark

"To us, it was the natural thing to do to ensure she never felt different or alone"

by: Mummy Buzz

Kids get teased. It's as much a fact of life as scraped knees. Even if there is nothing obviously tease-worthy about your child, rest assured, some kids will find something, and hone in on it—especially if you're Honey-Rae Phillips, little British girl born with a blotchy red mark that covers a good stretch of her body. 

Feb 27 2015

Is it Blue? Or White and Gold? The Truth About #TheDress

Yes, your eyes are playing tricks on you

by: Mummy Buzz

The Internet is polarized, friends. No, it has nothing to do with ISIS. It has nothing to do with Harper or Obama. It's all about a dress. It wasn't the one worn by Monica Lewinsky. It isn't even a designer dress at that.

Feb 26 2015

Male Bloggers Celebrate Mothers by "Getting Pregnant"

"Three Pregnant Dads" take on a dare with a difference

by: Mummy Buzz

How do you celebrate the women who give life? If you're one of three guys in their mid-forties, you put yourself in her shoes (or in her pants, as it were) by donning a fake belly to simulate what it's like to be nine months pregnant. Cue Three Pregnant Dads.

The idea was conceived while the British coworkers were working on personalized books for their company, The Book of Everyone, which operates out of Barcelona.

Feb 25 2015

The Case for Letting a Toddler Choose her Own Outfits

She's a Dedicated follower of fashion

by: Mummy Buzz

So many of us insist on putting together perfectly coordinated outfits for our minis so they don't leave the house looking ridiculous. A British dad, Simon Ragoonanan, gave his three-year-old daughter carte blanche to choose her own clothing. And the results couldn't have been more awesome.

Feb 24 2015

Breast Milk Shakes: The Latest Fitness Fad

Or A breeding ground for bacteria and viruses?

by: Mummy Buzz

What's the ultimate nutrient-rich shake? Breast milk. So says an article that claims human milk is being bought online by bodybuilders and CrossFit aficionados.

Feb 23 2015

Oscars 2015: An Important Message For John Travolta

A woman's body is not public property

by: Mummy Buzz

Did you make it through the Snorefest that was the 2015 Oscars? I admit I tried, but failed. I did, however, catch sight of Scarlett Johansson. Didn't she look stunning in an emerald-green Versace number, with a hairstyle channelling Pink and Miley?

Feb 20 2015

9 Year-Old Boy with Autism Handcuffed at School

Not a Monster or a criminal

by: Mummy Buzz

Police were called to an Ottawa elementary school this week. Was there a weapon involved? Were threats made? No. A young boy with autism was simply having a meltdown. Their response: handcuff him.

He's nine years-old.

Daniel Ten Oever is neither a monster nor a criminal, though he was treated as exactly that. Both police and Catholic school board officials justified the response as totally necessary.

Feb 20 2015

Mom Confession: I'm Happier "Being Fat"

"Fatness does not presume sadness"

by: Mummy Buzz

Over the years, Joni Edelman's weight has shot up and down, and the ride has been "like a roller coaster, only way less fun." The mom of five recently wrote a viral post in which she claimed she was happier "being fat" than when she was a svelte size four.

Feb 19 2015

One Book, Two Book: New Dr Seuss Books to be Released

Who's Excited? Sam, I Am!

by: Mummy Buzz

Who's excited at the prospect of a new Dr Seuss book? Sam, I sure as hell am!

Nearly 24 years after the death of Theodor Seuss Geisel, new material by the beloved children's author has surfaced and will be published posthumously by Random House. It's said that the box of nearly complete sketches and text was discovered when Geisel's widow was remodelling her home in 2013.

Feb 19 2015

Single "Superdad" Does 3 Year-Old's Hair

Being able to Braid doesn't make you father of the year

by: Mummy Buzz

A single dad who learned to do fancy things with his three year-old daughter's hair is being hailed a hero all over the media, including an appearance on the Rachel Ray show. But does being able to craft a French braid make him a "superdad" or "father of the year?"


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