Sep 17 2014

Comfort Foods Don't Comfort Us: Says Depressing Study

Leave out the Lindt

by: Mummy Buzz

Hey you with the Lindt bar in your hand! It doesn't matter if you have raging PMS, you've had words with your significant other, or that you've just had the day from hell. It's official—comfort foods don't have the power to comfort you.  

No matter how staunchly we may feel otherwise, cookies and ice cream and chocolate don't provide any more emotional rescue than eating celery or even *gasp* nothing. 

Sep 16 2014

Is It Time To Retire Miss America?

Hang up the tiaras already

by: Mummy Buzz

Did you watch the crowning of Miss America the other night? Forgive me if I missed the proceedings; I was too busy filing the dead skin off my feet to watch. But I hear there were lots of giggle-worthy moments, from wacky, misspelled pop-ups about "Jane Austin" and cheetah attacks to ventriloquism involving a doll one writer likened to the late Joan Rivers.

Sep 16 2014

Pope Francis Leads Taboo-Busting Marriage Ceremony

'it's sometimes a contentious trip, but that's life'

by: Mummy Buzz

Who'd have thunk it? Pope Francis has turned out to be quite the progressive. When he's not baptizing the babe of an unwed mom or encouraging worshippers to breastfeed in the Sistine Chapel, he's marrying previously considered unmarriables—a single mother, couples "living in sin," and divorcees.

Sep 15 2014

Mom Has Funniest Response To Breastfeeding Shame

A very crafty solution

by: Mummy Buzz

The next time you have to whip out your breast in public to feed your hangry baby, conjure yourself some Heather Cushman-Dowdee and laugh your way through your apprehension.

Sep 15 2014

The Baby With Three Parents On Her Birth Certificate

A whole lotta love or Three's a crowd?

by: Mummy Buzz

For the first time ever, a threesome has been registered as the legal parents of a baby in Brazil. Two mothers and a biological father, that is.

The women had been together for four years when they asked a male friend to help them conceive. He did, and the couple was later married after same-sex unions were legalized in 2013. 

Sep 12 2014

Artist Proves That Redheaded Guys Can Be Sexy Too

Are you a ginger convert?

by: Mummy Buzz

Can you name a really hot red-haired guy? I'm waiting... Ron Howard, Ronald McDonald, Archie from the comics... It's a cruel double standard, isn't it? Redheaded women are often considered incredibly sexy (hello Christina Hendricks!), but ginger guys? Er, not so much.

Prince Harry has helped the cause of ginger-haired men everywhere, as has Benedict Cumberbatch, who had legions of fan girls swooning at TIFF this week. So 2014 might well be the year of the gingers.

Sep 12 2014

Why #AmINext Matters To All Of Us

Social Media Campaign Draws Attention To Plight of Aboriginal Women

by: Mummy Buzz

For all its flaws, social media has one thing going for it—transparency. All over Twitter, women are posing with signs that say #AmINext. Why? To pressure a seemingly apathetic government to do something for mercy's sake about all those missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

Sep 11 2014

U2 Releases Free Album To Half A Billion iTunes Users

But is it any good?

by: Mummy Buzz

So when I sat down to work today, a little file sneaked into my iTunes library. Surprise! How very cunning of you, U2. Even though I didn't download your 13th studio album, Songs of Innocence, the freebie found me. And as the new tracks play in the background, I'm pondering whether this deft marketing move of yours is a good or bad one.

Sep 10 2014

What You Need To Know About Suicide Prevention

Every 40 seconds...

by: Mummy Buzz

It took the death of the late great actor Robin Williams to bring depression and suicide to the fore. While the loss inspired all kinds of tributes, it also dredged up so many misconceptions about suicide.

Sep 10 2014

What Happened When Kids Gave Up Their Screens For A Week

it's face time!

by: Mummy Buzz

We all know that we should ration the amount of time our kids spend basking in the ghoulish glow of a Mac or pc. But we should probably start listening. A study from the University of California has even more proof that we should be swapping children's screen time for face time.


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