Sep 30 2014

Kids Do A 'Bend Test' On The New iPhone 6

escapades in stupidity

by: Mummy Buzz

You've heard all the hoopla over the new iPhone 6s bending. Well, a couple of kids took it upon themselves to act as 'testers,' because, you know, they owed it to the world to see if the rumours were true. So, Kylie and Danny sallied into an Apple store and began deliberately bending phones. For kicks.

Sep 29 2014

CIC Threatens To Deport Mom Whose Husband Died Suddenly

Tangled up in red tape

by: Mummy Buzz

Did Canadian Immigration get its priorities wrong in this case, or is it just sticking to standard protocol?

Canada sure does love itself a tangle of red tape. As someone who married a 'foreigner,' and through sheer grit and determination eventually dragged him back to the homeland, I can only empathize with an American woman threatened with deportation following her husband's death.

Sep 29 2014

'You Have To F*#^ing Eat' Is Available For Pre-Order

Will the 'Go the Fuck to Sleep' sequel live up to the hype?

by: Mummy Buzz

'You Have To Fucking Eat

He's back. The man who brought you the most profane picture book has a new request for children of the world: You Have to Fucking Eat. Like Go the Fuck to Sleep before it, Adam Mansbach does what he does best. He penned a children's book that isn't actually a children's book so much as an ode to angst-ridden parents everywhere:

Sep 29 2014

Why George Clooney's New Wife Is An Amazing Catch

He's got a keeper in Alamuddin

by: Mummy Buzz

George Clooney Marries Amul Alamuddin

You may have heard there was a big famous wedding going on in Venice over the weekend. Lots of stars were there, yada yada. Yet the groundbreaking part of the ceremony had nothing to do with the fact that George Clooney, aka Tinseltown's most eligible bachelor, finally tied the knot. It was the first time in history—my living history, at least—that a 'civilian' bride stole the headlines.

Sep 26 2014

Greenpeace Campaigns To End Lego's Partnership With Shell

Everything Is Awesome [When you're ruining the environment]

by: Mummy Buzz

Shell Lego

Shell needs all the help it can get PR-wise. So who better to help the oil giant's image than a cool toy retailer. Yes, sad but true. Shell has wooed Lego into a partnership that has already seen 16 million Shell-branded Lego toys for sale in gas stations in the UK and elsewhere. After all, today's kids are tomorrow's customers, and an affiliation with Lego can only cast Shell in a more positive light.

Sep 26 2014

In Need of A Cuddle? This New App Can Help

Fulfilling a Basic Need or an open invitation to stalkers?

by: Mummy Buzz

Cuddlr App

What's the world coming to? (And you know you're officially over the hill when you start saying things like, 'What's the world coming to?') Such is society's disconnect, Cuddlr, a new smartphone app facilitates no strings attached snuggle sessions between strangers.

Sep 25 2014

Should These Books Have Been Banned?

Texas School Bans 23 Amazing Books

by: Mummy Buzz

Texas High School Bans 23 Amazing Books

What's black and white and read all over and designed to corrupt your teenager? Yes, it seems we've learned nothing since the days of the Salman Rushdie bonfires. A high school in Dallas, Texas, has banned a bunch of books after parents flagged inappropriate passages.

Sep 24 2014

New 'Interactive' Play Area in B.C. Mall Is Anything But

Actively discouraging active play

by: Mummy Buzz

New 'Interactive' Play Area in B.C. Mall Is Anything But

Pity the parents in Surrey, B.C., who lost a perfectly good play area in Guildford Town Centre in exchange for a wall of iPads. How cutting edge! How incredibly misguided, I say.

Whoever was in charge of the fancy redevelopment (to the tune of $280 million) is guilty of a great big fail according to this mama. 

Sep 23 2014

Apparently Airline Rules Don't Apply To This Mom

Since when do a parent's (or child's) rights trump that of every other person on the planet?

by: Mummy Buzz

Another day, another parent acting like a jerk on a plane. We've all been there, treading that oh-so-delicate balance of trying to keep our kids happy (and quiet) while respecting our fellow passengers. And there is no public space quite so challenging and sacred as 30,000-some feet in the sky, when everybody is in sitting-duck mode. 

Sep 23 2014

RECALL: Feathered Boas From Danson Decor And Michaels

Flammability Hazard

by: Mummy Buzz

RECALL: Feathered Boas From Danson Decor And Michaels

Health Canada has recalled feathered boas from Danson Decor in various colours, with the following Item Code / UPC: H18560 62615 31856 7, H306940 62615 30694 6, as well as ArtMinds black craft boas from Michaels with the UPC 400100633083 and SKU 072012.


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