Oct 31 2014

Fashion Trend: Women Wearing Men's Undies

Equal Rights In All Things?

by: Mummy Buzz

Unisex is a good thing, no? I personally rejoice at the sight of uni public toilets, because it means I won't have to wait in line while guys get to waltz in, do their thing, and waltz out again. Now that unisex is transferring to fashion, this could be a wonderful thing, or it could be disastrous, depending on whose shorts you're wearing. 

Oct 30 2014

Apple CEO Tim Cook is Gay: Should We Care?

Is Coming Out Still A Big Deal?

by: Mummy Buzz

So Apple's CEO Tim Cook has come out and, predictably, every time someone prominent or famous comes out as gay, it's a big deal. Or it's supposed to come as some kind of shock. This begs the question... Why does anyone give a flying truck if Tim Cook, or anyone else for that matter, is gay.

Oct 30 2014

Couple With A Dozen Boys Hopes For Baby Girl

Can she be lucky 13?

by: Mummy Buzz

Many parents like to round out the family with both daughters and sons. After a few rounds, though, most people eventually concede that it's not meant to be. A couple from Michigan is not giving up that easily—after conceiving 12 boys, Jay and Kateri Schwandt and their sons are crossing their multitudinous fingers and toes that lucky 13 will be a baby girl.

Oct 29 2014

WATCH: Just How Bad Is Street Harassment, Really?

Whassup, Beautiful

by: Mummy Buzz

woman gets harassed on the street

Think a woman can walk down a street in broad daylight without being hassled? Think again. When you think about sexual harassment, you may think about women being groped or fondled, but harassment can take many forms. In this video created by the non-profit Hollaback!, a young woman proves that "exhausting sexism," as Jezebel calls it, happens every single day in the most mundane situations.

Oct 29 2014

'British Schindler' Receives High Honour In Czech Republic

Sometimes it doesn't take a village at all

by: Mummy Buzz

Remember the film Schindler's List? Well, it seems there was not only one real life Oskar Schindler, but several Schindler types. One such man was Sir Nicholas Winton. The Briton, who rescued 669 children from certain death, is finally being honoured in the Czech Republic for his brave feats during the Second World War.

Oct 29 2014

Word To The Wise: What NOT To Wear This Halloween

From Ray Rice to Fat Girl . . .

by: Mummy Buzz

For some people, Halloween is a fun occasion to get dressed up as superheroes and mythical beings, and collect treats along the way. For others, it's an exercise in pushing the boundaries of good taste.

Oct 28 2014

When A Gender Reveal Party Goes Spectacularly Wrong

It's a girl . . . No, wait, it's a boy . . .

by: Mummy Buzz

Discovering the gender of a baby is a pretty exciting moment, especially for first-time parents. But when one couple held a gender party, the revelation only led to mass confusion.

Oct 28 2014

Study: The Sweet Drink That May Fix Your Broken Memory

Going Cocoa for Cocoa Beans

by: Mummy Buzz

This study reads like a dream come true. A small sample from Columbia University has revealed that a concentrated form of hot cocoa may actually improve memory. The key ingredient is a plant compound called flavanols.

Oct 27 2014

Muslim Teens Speak Out Against Terrorism

Oh Canada, Don't Lose Sight of What Makes you great

by: Mummy Buzz

Following the recent fatal attacks on soldiers, a Montreal teen has taken to social media to renounce the hate and to distance himself from the actions of the 'lone wolf' terrorists.

A Muslim of Lebanese descent, 17-year-old Ali Chebli created a Faceook page in which he held up a sign that read:  "#Pas en mon nom," which translates to "Not in my name."

Oct 27 2014

Hey Muggles: Check Out The Harry Potter-Themed Hotel

Conjuring the currency right out of your wallet

by: Mummy Buzz

Listen up, diehard Potterheads. Two themed suites in London's Georgian House hotel promise to give you the authentic Hogwarts experience. Complete with four-poster beds, cauldrons, spell books, and school trunks, the Harry Potter-themed suites aren't only appealing to families but younger fan who grew up on the series by J K Rowling.


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