Jul 30 2014

Jenny McCarthy's Son Was Right To Call Cops On Her

Some rules are not for breaking

by: Mummy Buzz

Jenny McCarthy doesn't do herself any favours, does she? When she isn't talking junk about vaccines, The View co-host is talking trash on her Sirius radio show, 'Dirty Sexy Funny.' But I fail to find anything sexy or remotely funny about having your 12-year-old call the cops on you.

According to an article in Jezebel, McCarthy poked fun of her “rule follower” son Evan for ratting her out to police.

Jul 30 2014

Brain Bleeding In Babies Who Are Denied Vitamin K Injection

overlap with anti-vaccine mentality

by: Mummy Buzz

In Tennessee, seven babies have been hospitalized for 'vitamin K deficiency bleeding' (VKDB). Because infants don't naturally produce enough of the coagulant, a deficit in vitamin K can cause internal bleeding, which in turn can lead to brain damage or even death.

Jul 29 2014

Chinese Man Has Menstrual Period

Cramps and Chromosomes

by: Mummy Buzz

Imagine you're a married 44-year-old man. You live in China. You've been experiencing some abdominal pain, and you've had blood in your urine. So you decide to check it out at the hospital, where they tell you are menstruating

Jul 29 2014

Woman Seen Plucking Bird On Subway Defends Actions

I will always be an Inuk, no matter where I am

by: Mummy Buzz

People have been in a flap over the whole bird plucking and eating incident on the Montreal Metro. Or at least that's what it looked like a young woman was doing in a video taken earlier this month that has since gone viral.

Jul 25 2014

RECALL: Tommee Tippee Monitor With Movement Sensor Pad

Strangulation Risk

by: Mummy Buzz

Health Canada has recalled the following models of Tommee Tippee Monitor with Movement Sensor Pads: 1082S and 1094S.

If pulled into a crib, the sensor pad cord may become wrapped around an infant's neck, posing a strangulation risk.

Jul 25 2014

Teen With Rare Condition Has Hundreds Of Teeth Removed

From 232 to 28

by: Mummy Buzz

Those with a fear of dentists (Wiki estimates that's a whopping 75 per cent of us) may wish to look away now.

Jul 24 2014

RECALL: Oeuf Sparrow Cribs

Entrapment Hazard

by: Mummy Buzz

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recalled the above cribs in birch, grey, walnut, and white with the following model numbers (found on the warning label):

  • 1SPCR
  • 2SPCR
  • 4SPCR
  • 5SPCR

The top rail, as well as slats and spindles, may detach, posing a potential entrapment hazard to an infant. While four incidents were reported involving detached rail/spindles, no injuries were sustained.

Jul 23 2014

British Café Courts Breastfeeding Moms

What the world needs now . . .

by: Mummy Buzz

. . . is more businesses like this one. Spotted in a café in southern England, this blackboard urges moms to take a seat, have a cuppa, and relax and nurse without fear of judgment.

Jul 23 2014

Study: Autism Caused By Common Gene Variants

One step closer to understanding

by: Mummy Buzz

The question of what causes autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is one that has boggled the medical community for some time now. But researchers may have made a breakthrough discovery in a recent, "unprecedentedly large" study.

According to an article in the CBC, American and Swedish researchers claim that autism isn't caused by environmental factors or mutations in DNA, but "common variants" that exist in everyone.  

Jul 22 2014

Prince George Turns One Amidst Media Maelstrom

World Goes Gaga over Most Eligible Toddler

by: Mummy Buzz

The world's most famous baby is one year old today. Bless him, so far little Prince George is blissfully unaware of the public's adulation—which is probably just as well.



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