Apr 30 2012

Bona Fide Barbie

A Living Doll

by: Mummy Buzz

You may be forced to double-take when you see this Ukrainian model who has made it her life's mission to become Barbie incarnate. Though 21-year-old Valeria Lukyanova professes her journey to becoming a living doll came from "hard work for years and good genes," her critics smell a scalpel or two. 

Move over, Sarah Burge... Ever since Valeria joined Facebook recently, she's adorned her page with hundreds of photos showing off her "wide, doll-like eyes, shockingly small waist, long golden locks and, of course, huge breasts." Not surprisingly, she's acquired something of a following, with more than 92,500 'likes.' 

Though director of Manhattan Plastic Surgery Dr. Anthony LaBruna openly speculated on Good Morning America that Valeria's 'look' would have cost hundreds of thousands, and would have involved "[cutting] some ribs out," she has harsh words for reporters who spread rumours of plastic surgery "like parrots." 

"The most important thing for me is spiritual development. Nothing is more important than to get to the bottom and learn the meaning of infinity. Everything else is an illusion in my mind, only a distraction from the truth," said Valeria, who frequently comments on UFO sightings, and flying outside of her body. (Oh, and her space name is Amatue.)
The operatic New Age singer is adamant that her appearance is down to "eating raw foods, working hard, abstaining from booze and having good genes." And Valeria, who subsists only on fruit, hopes to one day be powered by solar energy! Or hot air...
Apr 30 2012

Scariest. Breastfeeding Video. Ever

Can You Say Chucky...

by: Mummy Buzz

All in favour of more media promoting breastfeeding, say Aye. Or in this case, Ay yay yay!

This latest commercial, which formed part of the Louisville, Kentucky Healthy Hometown initiative, was aimed at African-American moms to promote breastfeeding among that demographic. 

According to a study published in the journal Breastfeeding Medicine, African-American infants were less likely to be breastfed than those of other ethnicity born in the same year. The U.S. is trying to deal with that disparity.

Sadly, once you view this video, you'll understand why it may have the opposite effect among moms. Can you say Chucky...

First of all, if a baby had teeth like that, she wouldn't be coming anywhere near me! Ditto for a babe who utters the word 'hooter' in a sentence. As this blogger rightly pointed out, that term of female anatomy ought to be "reserved for long-haul truckers whose rubbery lips are smeared with hot wing sauce."

Back to the drawing board for the breastfeeding brigade. Here's a crazy thought: why not just show a gorgeous baby, nuzzled into mom and happily suckling away? No teeth. No gimmicks. 

Better yet, a shot of America's sweetheart and prettiest person: Beyonce and little baby Blue Ivy is sure to persuade young African-American moms that breastfeeding is not only the healthiest option for their baby, but the coolest one, too.

Apr 30 2012

RECALL: Mexx Young girl's 100% Cotton Dresses - Fall 2011 c

Choking Hazard

by: Mummy Buzz

In an extension of an earlier recall on sweaters, Mexx has recalled the following young girls dresses, as the fabric balls sewn on the sweater may detach, posing a choking hazard to young children:

Style K1RC8251 in "Purple Haze" (581) from sizes 3-30 months with SKUs (4216410-4216460) and "Playing Pink" (672 and 502) with SKUs (3436210-3436260). (The SKU is listed on the store receipt and the style number on the labels inside the dress.)

While neither Mexx nor Health Canada has received any reports of incidents or injuries related to the use of these dresses, customers are advised to immediately stop using the recalled items. Customers can remove and safely dispose of the fabric balls or return the dresses to Mexx with a proof of purchase for a full refund. 

For more information, customers may contact Mexx at 1-800-565-6399, visit the company's website or inquire at any Mexx Canada store.

Between August 2011 to March 2012, approximately 1,521 of the recalled dresses in sizes 3-30 months were sold in Canada.


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