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Airline's Stalker Service

Meet & Seat

Ever get stuck next to someone on a plane who absolutely insists on telling you their (incredibly dull) life story?  Well, a new service called "Meet & Seat" by the Dutch airline KLM can either help or hinder you, depending on your vantage point. And it's not the first time an airline pilots a controversial service.

Before you even board the 747 hoping for some peace (or alternately, some stimulating convo), you can freely peruse fellow passengers' Facebook and LinkedIn profiles looking for a kindred with whom to while away your time in the sky. 

New York Times aviation blogger Nicola Roberts, clearly a glass full kind of gal, imagines cozying up to "an Italian chemical engineer fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese," where yours truly might imagine a creep cornering you in the window seat for umpteen hours.  

To be fair to KLM, the service is totally optional on routes from Amsterdam to New York, São Paulo, or San Francisco.  But just because you sign up doesn't give you much room to later reject a seat partner if he/she doesn't cut the mustard.  Of course, there is the option of creeping out potential arm rest buddies in advance by describing the chickpea curry you had for lunch. Just sayin'.

Is KLM effectively offering an in-flight dating service? What's your flying style: nice to meet you or nice to mind you?