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Mom Finds Sweet Way to Chart Kids' Growth

It's in the jeans

Our babies grow up so fast, don't they? One way to chart a child's evolution - if you don't fancy pen marks tracked all the way up your walls - is through clothes. Your clothes.

Mom Brandy Yearous found a sweet way to chronicle her kids' growth spurts. Once a year, she photographs her son wearing the same pair of her husband's jeans; while her daughter slips into her own wedding gown.

The birthday tradition started with Ryan's birth in 2001, and has been going strong ever since. No matter how hectic those celebrations are, someone remembers to grab the camera and the clothes. 

While at first the garments look absurdly big, these days the kids have filled in nicely. The wedding dress straps and the jeans no longer fall down.  

Yearous describes the progression as “heartbreaking.” 

The visuals also offer a window into the kids' lives at the time. For instance, Yearous remembers a given year when "my son’s baseball team all went with mohawks." 

The Idaho mom isn't the only one charmed by the time capsule. Friends on Facebook have been following along and looking "forward to watching my kids grow.” 

Well, it sure beats a ratty growth chart on the wall. And who knows, before too long that wedding dress may come to fit like a glove and make its way down the aisle a second time around...

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