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Transgender 12-Year-Old Changes Birth Certificate Sex

The difference a letter makes

transgender boy

What a difference a letter can make! For Wren Kauffman, changing an 'F' to an 'M' represents a monumental victory. The 12-year-old, from Alberta, has fought—and won—the right to change his gender on his birth certificate.

According to an article in the Toronto Star, Wren was born Wrenna, but came out as transgender in the media last year in a bid to increase awareness.

Previously, the provincial law required an individual to undergo gender reassignment surgery in order to change gender on formal documents, such as birth certificates—an operation which cannot be performed on children.

Kauffman had lodged a complaint against the Alberta Human Rights Commission, which ultimately agreed that such ruling "violates the rights of transgender people."

He was presented with his new certificate during the Edmonton Pride festival.

In Ontario, individuals may amend their birth certificate gender with a doctor's or psychologist's note, but only if they are 18 or over. 

Should children be allowed to legally change their gender on formal documents, or should they be made to wait until adulthood?

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