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Winds Hurl Bouncy Castle 50 Feet Into Air—With Kids Inside

A freak accident

bouncy castle accident

It's bouncy castle season. Parents, beware. A freak gust of wind, in Albany, NY, ripped an inflatable out of the ground and hurled it 50 feet in the air—while three children were still inside.

According to an article in Elite Daily, a five- and six-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl were caught inside the moon bounce as it was torn from the front of an apartment complex, catapulting the kids 20 to 30 feet away.  

The girl escaped with minor scrapes after falling out of the bouncy castle door shortly after the structure became airborne.

Both boys sustained facial injuries from the fall, one broke his arm, and the other suffered a serious blow to the head.

neighbour likened the scene to the twister in The Wizard of Oz. Held down with four spikes, the 10-foot-by-10-foot Little Tikes bounce soared through the air, clearing buildings and trees.

Scary. This isn't the first time an inflatable has taken flight.

Kids, you may want to give the bouncy castle a miss on windy days.