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7-Year-Old Stuns Talent Judges With Billie Holiday Cover

Girl Sings The Blues

norweigen girl singing

Hey jazz fans, you've got to see this. A seven-year-old girl had jaws dropping all over the place, on Norway's Got Talent, with her soulful performance of Billie Holiday's 1941 hit, "Gloomy Sunday"—a song she found by accident on her mom's iPad when she couldn't sleep one night. 

Expect big things from little Angelina Jordan Astar, who apparently understands English enough to decode the song's sadness.
"I felt something special about it, it's hard to explain in words," she said. "When I sang it for my mom, she said that this song is nice, but it was incredibly sad song."

Nice? Bit of an understatement, we think. Watch (courtesy of an article in Gawker) and be as agog as we are. 
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