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DIY Dad Creates Pneumatic Transport for Tooth Fairy

And you thought you were exhausted...

sending teeth to the tooth fairy

Ever wonder how the Tooth Fairy et al manage that logistical feat of travelling to all those houses swapping milk teeth for coinage? (And you thought you were exhausted!) Now one dad has made her job that much easier.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, MAKE Magazine video blogger Jeff Highsmith has devised a "pneumatic transport system" to—basically a chamber that sucks up the tooth and spits it out in the attic, in return for some cold hard Fairy currency. Very cleverly, Highsmith uses old iPhones to document the ascent and descent. 

While I'm dazzled by Highsmith's MacGyver-like know-how, I'm more in awe that he has the time and energy to devote to such shenanigans. The reaction of his child is no doubt the payoff. Magic. 

Highsmith is in good company. Check what this dad and this one did to deserve the 'awesome' title...

Now, if he could only devise a piece of pneumatic gadgetry that sucked dirty clothes off the floor and deposited them into the washing machine, he'd be onto something.

Genius way to suspend disbelief, or is it high time to come clean about the Tooth Fairy and Co.