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World's Best Bodypainter Blurs Reality

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World's Best Bodypainter Blurs Reality

Modern art these days is more than a sparse streak of colour on a canvas. The world's best bodypainter (yes—a thing) has made a career out of camouflaging humans into animals, even fruit landscapes, until they are unrecognizable.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, Johannes Stoetter isn't content until his models are transformed into something other. Taking anywhere from five months to plan and eight hours to paint, the amazing oeuvres rely on breathable paint.

The 35-year-old Italian artist from South Tyrol began painting human bodies in 2000. He first took part in the world bodypainting championship in 2009. Though he won fifth place, the artist was then determined to win the title.

Arguably his most "impressive" work to date is a tropical tree frog involving five models

"Bodypainting is special because the artwork is alive and can move," said Stoetter who draws inspiration from the natural world. "While a canvas painting lasts forever, a bodypainting exists only for a few hours. The skin is very different to canvas—it is alive, it is soft and warm, it is a very comfortable base to paint on."

What do you think of the art form? Which 'painting' is your favourite?