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Poetic Justice for Rich Kids of Instagram?

Richie Rich May Get Robbed

If the photos from the Rich Kids of Instagram blog make you want to commit random acts of violence, consider poetic justice served.

The more the Richie Riches of the social network continue to post images of their Rolexes and Lear jets, the more they brag about their shopping and trips to St Tropez and the Hamptons, the more they are endangering their assets. 

Think about it. As the son or daughter of a billionaire, tracking your every movement on FourSquare isn't the cleverest thing to do. After all, there are more clever people out there, who will use that information to rob you. 

Case in point: Alexa Dell. The founder of Dell computers suspended his 18-year-old daughter's Twitter account suspended due to security concerns. According to this article in Businessweek, not even the $2.7 million her dad spends on personal security every year can guarantee it:

"Alexa happily detailed her every move, including the exact days she would arrive in, say, New York, and where she was shopping. She also put up such things as her high school graduation dinner invitation that foretold where (time, date, location) Michael Dell and his wife would be in a couple of weeks' time."

All this oversharing has consequences besides public nausea. Years ago Paris Hilton was robbed after broadcasting her whereabouts, and there are always kidnapping concerns. With Instagram, prospective thieves now get a good look at the merchandise they plan to pilfer. Might as well swap the #abundance hashtag for #advertising... 

And all those security questions might easily be answered for hackers, the more transparent and divulgent the rich kids' social media habits. But the same could easily apply to our kids. What precautions do you take to protect you and your loved ones on social media sites?