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Jodie Fosters Kristen Stewart

Feeling the Hollywood Heat

Lots of people cheat on their partners every day. But few have to face the heat quite like Kristen Stewart has. Ever since she was caught romancing her Snow White and the Huntsman director on oh-so-candid camera, the public and media have rolled her over the coals.

The vitriol is such that a fellow actor labelled her a 'trampire' and T-shirts are already being sold, allowing total strangers to profit from her romantic fail. Really, why is it anyone's business? 

Few have openly rushed to Stewart's defense. Until now. Jodie Foster, who played then 11-year-old Stewart's mom in Panic Room, recently felt the need to play mama bear. 

In the Daily Beast, the 46-year-old actor lashes out at the media circus for treating young celebs like Stewart "as a moving target." She recalls her own career which began at the ripe age of three, and admits that the climate for young actors today is different. She questions whether she would have survived as an actor amid the current media assault, and admits that she would have quit "before I started." 

It doesn't make sense that just by virtue of their chosen career actors open themselves up to the media vultures, sacrificing any chance at a private life for being in the public eye. Foster was one of the smart ones, who learned early on to "willfully disassociate, to compartmentalize." 

But it's a hell of a way to live, for the sake of some movies. Perhaps recognizing some of the vulnerability she felt as a child actor, Foster feels a motherly protection for Stewart. Maybe we can all move on and let actors do what they do best... We have no more business peeping in their windows than they do ours.