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Ryan Gosling. All. To. Yourself.

Hey Girl, Stay Between the Lines

Quick, gather your girlfriends for a night of cocktails and... colouring? Dubbed the "hottest colouring in book of all time," Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling may not have much of a  precedent. But what it does have is page upon blank page of Hollywood's darling of the moment, actor and native Canuck just begging to be filled in.

With 15 images of the Gos doing everything from kissing to driving and sitting with his dog, Colour Me Good has been flying off the shelves at the London-based store Maiden since it came out a few weeks ago. (Expect the RPatz sequel any day now... Now that he's been wronged, he's hotter property than ever.)

At around $12 each, the book may seem steep for what are essentially a few stencils. But when you consider this may be the closest you ever get to the A-lister, it's a small price to pay. At the least you can enjoy a bit of eye candy while your kids practice colouring in between the lines.

Better stock up while quantities last. Hey girl, you know you want to.