Sep 16 2014

Is It Time To Retire Miss America?

Hang up the tiaras already

by: Mummy Buzz

Did you watch the crowning of Miss America the other night? Forgive me if I missed the proceedings; I was too busy filing the dead skin off my feet to watch. But I hear there were lots of giggle-worthy moments, from wacky, misspelled pop-ups about "Jane Austin" and cheetah attacks to ventriloquism involving a doll one writer likened to the late Joan Rivers.

Sep 16 2014

Pope Francis Leads Taboo-Busting Marriage Ceremony

'it's sometimes a contentious trip, but that's life'

by: Mummy Buzz

Who'd have thunk it? Pope Francis has turned out to be quite the progressive. When he's not baptizing the babe of an unwed mom or encouraging worshippers to breastfeed in the Sistine Chapel, he's marrying previously considered unmarriables—a single mother, couples "living in sin," and divorcees.

Sep 15 2014

Mom Has Funniest Response To Breastfeeding Shame

A very crafty solution

by: Mummy Buzz

The next time you have to whip out your breast in public to feed your hangry baby, conjure yourself some Heather Cushman-Dowdee and laugh your way through your apprehension.


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