Apr 15 2014

Teen Hoax Tweet To Airline Provokes Arrest

so funny authorities forgot to laugh

by: Mummy Buzz

american airlines tweet hoax

A Dutch teen's warped idea of a joke has resulted in her arrest. According to an article in the NY Daily, the 14-year-old girl who went by the name "Sarah" tweeted the following terrorist threat to American Airlines:

Apr 15 2014

Got What It Takes To Do The World's Toughest Job?

Nobody is going to do that for free!

by: Mummy Buzz

World's Toughest Job

In line for a new career? Then perk up those ears. Question is, do you have the mettle to become the Director of Operations? An agency in Boston called Mullen posted a listing in newspapers and online. Though the ad was viewed millions of times, only 24 candidates applied.

Apr 14 2014

Woman Crowdfunds Boob Job

Invest in Breasts!

by: Mummy Buzz

breast enlargement surgery

Sadly, not everyone is born loving their assets. Gemini Smith is one of those people whose 34A breast size—which made her "look like a 12-year-old boy"—led her to feel depressed.



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