Aug 29 2014

The Most Honest Reaction to "New Baby" News We've Seen

Little Boy Thinks It's All "Too Much;" Fears Replacement

by: Mummy Buzz

little boy not happy about sibling news

Well, that was quite the week wasn't it?

Aug 27 2014

Should Children Be Allowed To Shoot Semi-Automatic Weapons?

9-Year-Old Girl Shoots and Kills Gun Instructor

by: Mummy Buzz

A nine year-old girl shot her gun instructor with an Uzi semi-automatic machine gun at a military-style tourist gun range in Arizona this week, killing the man.  

There are at least four things wrong with that sentence. In fact, this sentence should probably get picked up for use in an IQ test.

Aug 27 2014

Burger King Confirms Purchase of Tim Hortons Inc.

Stunned Nation Braces for "Double Double Whopper"

by: Mummy Buzz

There are certain days you'll remember throughout your life; days which you can recall their significance in an instant. You'll remember what you wore, how your hair was styled, where you were and what you were doing. These days give weight to our existence because they hold down the minutiae of our lives. They're important. No one writes a book about all the time they spent comparison shopping for maxi pads or how they felt when they stood in line to renew their husband's car tags.


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