Oct 31 2014

Fashion Trend: Women Wearing Men's Undies

Equal Rights In All Things?

by: Mummy Buzz

Unisex is a good thing, no? I personally rejoice at the sight of uni public toilets, because it means I won't have to wait in line while guys get to waltz in, do their thing, and waltz out again. Now that unisex is transferring to fashion, this could be a wonderful thing, or it could be disastrous, depending on whose shorts you're wearing. 

Oct 30 2014

Apple CEO Tim Cook is Gay: Should We Care?

Is Coming Out Still A Big Deal?

by: Mummy Buzz

So Apple's CEO Tim Cook has come out and, predictably, every time someone prominent or famous comes out as gay, it's a big deal. Or it's supposed to come as some kind of shock. This begs the question... Why does anyone give a flying truck if Tim Cook, or anyone else for that matter, is gay.

Oct 30 2014

Couple With A Dozen Boys Hopes For Baby Girl

Can she be lucky 13?

by: Mummy Buzz

Many parents like to round out the family with both daughters and sons. After a few rounds, though, most people eventually concede that it's not meant to be. A couple from Michigan is not giving up that easily—after conceiving 12 boys, Jay and Kateri Schwandt and their sons are crossing their multitudinous fingers and toes that lucky 13 will be a baby girl.


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