Oct 20 2014

RECALL: Various Natrel Milk Products

Spoilage Alert

by: Mummy Buzz

Check your fridge. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has recalled the following milk products from Natrel made at the Agropur dairy plant. Sold in Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia, the affected products have best before before dates between October 23 and 31: 

Oct 20 2014

Cosmo Is About To Get Political (And It's About Time)

Orgasms with a side of Senate

by: Mummy Buzz

When you think of Cosmopolitan, politics don't exactly spring to mind, unless they're the sexual kind. But the magazine's editor-in-chief is aiming to change that. With Joanna Coles at the helm, there is hope that Cosmo will become a thinking woman's magazine yet. 

Oct 20 2014

Mom Stages Revolt Against Bento Box Lunches

Saying Phooey to Pinterest

by: Mummy Buzz

If Pinterest only leaves a massive dent in your self-esteem, then you'll want to join forces with Kim Bauer. The mom who blogs at One Classy Motha! staged a revolt against the overachieving Bento Box trend—in which parents with too much time on their hands take to making mini masterpieces out of little Jayden's lunch to show just how much she is loved.


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