Oct 24 2014

Study: Video Games Before Meals May Make Boys Healthier

Angry Birds, Anyone?

by: Mummy Buzz

Forget for a moment what you've read about screen time and weight gain. A new study by Ryerson University has found that a spot of Angry Birds before mealtime can, in fact, cause boys to eat less, not more.

Oct 24 2014

Why This Mom Quit Rescuing Her Kids

You are not the concierge

by: Mummy Buzz

After a year of constantly schlepping forgotten items to her fourth grader, one mom decided to lay down a new law: no more rescuing.

After all, it wasn't a one-off. We're talking about the child who always seems to shirk responsibilities and forgets homework and lunch and coats routinely. In attempt to teach her boys some conscientiousness, Jordana Horn vowed to quit coming to their rescue every time they screwed up.

Oct 23 2014

Hey Retailers: Kids Halloween Costumes Should NOT Be Sexy

no lace-up corset required

by: Mummy Buzz

There you are, frantically pawing the racks for this year's Halloween costume for your little princess who's almost four. Will she be a cat or a ladybug or . . . a scantily clad firefighter?

This nightmare was brought to you by a Victoria, B.C., mom who stumbled upon the offending costume at her local Value Village. No wonder Raina Delisle saw red.


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