Nov 27 2014

An Open Letter to Jian Ghomeshi's Mother

while everyone is thinking of him, I am thinking of you

by: Mummy Buzz

jian ghomeshi

We say we'll do anything for our kids; that we'll love them unconditionally. But few of us are ever put to the test like you, Ms.Ghomeshi, and you have been tested. 

Nov 27 2014

Today in Poor Choices: Making Your Own Baby Formula

Health organizations warn of dangers

by: Mummy Buzz

Although at first glance making your own formula sounds like a healthier option for babe, Health Canada, the Dietitians of Canada and the Canadian Paediatric Society have all warned against the practice in a joint statement. 

Nov 27 2014

4 Year-Old Boy with Cancer Pens Sweet Love Letter to Crush

It's got cheese and robots. What else could a girl want?

by: Mummy Buzz

kids writing letters

Some men may not have a clue when it comes to what women want, but some boys sure do. Take this viral letter from Reddit, penned (ok, transcribed verbatim by mom, Jennifer) from four-year-old Bennet to the object of his young affection, Baily. 


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