Nov 25 2014

Halle Berry Takes Ex To Court Over Daughter's Hair

Star Accuses Ex of wanting to make daughter look less African-American

by: Mummy Buzz

Halle Berry, racism

In what appears to have racial issues connected, a conflict between celebrity Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry over their six-year-old daughter's hair led them all the way to court.

The Monster's Ball actress accused her ex-boyfriend of altering Nahla's hair to "make her look less African-American." Berry claims Aubry had the girl's hair straightened and highlighted without permission.

Nov 25 2014

The Question Parents Dread: "Is Santa Real?"

Well, Yes and No.

by: Mummy Buzz

santa, mystery of santa, kids and santa

Not sure what to tell your kids about Santa? Well, join the merry freaking club. I love the holidays, but like many folks out there I kind of balk at the idea of perpetuating a myth that can only lead to burst bubbles and dashed hopes.

Santa Trauma is a Real Phenomenon

Nov 25 2014

New Video Game Takes "Real" Blood When Player is Shot

Blood Sport Meant to Promote Blood Donation Awareness

by: Mummy Buzz

Gaming is about to get real- like, seriously real. You'd be forgiven for thinking this latest bit of tech comes straight out of The Hunger Games. Blood Sport does exactly what it says on the Xbox. In a quest to get people donating more blood, hooked-up gamers would lose actual blood when shot. The fluid would then be donated to banks.


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