Jan 30 2015

Adult Ball Pits: Stress-Buster or Grope-Fest Germ Factory?

Because it beats 10-Pin bowling

by: Mummy Buzz

Ever looked longingly at your tots frolicking in a ball pit and wished you could just dive in and join them? Admit it; of course you have. Well, a UK gallery has heard—and answered—your prayers. A ball pit, strictly for grown ups, is up and running in London. 

Jan 30 2015

Should We Pay Pregnant Women to Quit Smoking?

The problem with the dangling carrot

by: Mummy Buzz

Smoking during pregnancy, I think we can all agree, is a bad idea. But quitting isn't easy, and the British government knows it, so in addition to offering support it is contemplating doling out a £400 ($758) sweetener to expectant moms who nix the cigs. (Presently a reported 11% of women smoke right up to the time of delivery.)

Jan 29 2015

Breaking: Young Single Mom on Train has "Polite" Child

Why is it so surprising she's a good parent?

by: Mummy Buzz

Much has been made of a mystery British man who left a kind note, together with a £5 ($9) bill, praising a young single mom on a train. And frankly, I'm struggling to grasp the reason for all the hoopla in the media.

Did This Single Mom Really Refuse To Tip?


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