Dec 18 2014

Is the Timbit Under Threat Following Burger King Takeover?

Save the Timbit!

by: Mummy Buzz


Stop the presses! Some serious shit is going down, and Canadians are up in arms. No, PM Harper isn't singing again... Our beloved delicacy - the Timbit - is facing extinction, and it's nothing short of a travesty.

Dec 18 2014

Is Health Agency Marijuana Video Simply Smoke and Mirrors?

Get the facts...lose the judgement

by: Mummy Buzz

Health Canada is considered the country's leading health authority. So it's surprising that its latest anti-marijuana ad spouts controversial "facts" about the drug.

In a 30-second clip aired on YouTube and television, the campaign flashes messages on screen—among them, that pot causes decreased IQ—a message that some viewers claim is based on fear-mongering rather than hard, cold scientific fact.

Dec 17 2014

WANTED: Elizabeth Gallagher; Mission Complete

because you never know where life will take you

by: Mummy Buzz

Remember the Elizabeth Gallagher story? Well, it seems the guy on a quest to find a willing passenger (who happens to share the same name as his ex) for an around-the-world trip has found his lady luck. Or she has found him, rather.


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