Top 10 Spring Buys Under $20

You'll be a model mom with spring style in these fashions

There are about a million things I want to buy for spring, and every day that the snow stays on the ground, I add one more item to my shopping list in protest.

However, I don't want to break the bank when I go shopping for my new spring things, so I've come up with a list that can help you—and me—shop for great things without spending too much money!

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Tiffany & Co. Holiday Gifts For Under $200

A blue box with a white bow... what more could a girl ask for?

My love affair with Tiffany & Co. started around the time I saw Breakfast At Tiffany's. I love Audrey Hepburn, I love this classic movie, and I love Tiffany's! A lot.

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The thing I love the most about shopping for jewellery is that no matter what, it always fits. Unlike clothes, which can sometimes be not so fun to shop for because you've gained a pound or two and things are fitting tightly. Nope, with jewellery, it's always the right fit. Always the right size.

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Stella and Dot: Jewellery Shopping Made Fun!

Win $150 Worth of Gorgeous Accessories!

Getting together with friends and shopping - the two go hand in hand, no? How about getting together with good friends in the comfort of your own home and shopping at the same time? Pretty dreamy, right? Well, if you've ever been to a Stella and Dot jewellery party, you know this amazing combination exists!

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