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BeautyGram: A Beautiful Gift In A Hot Pink Box

Giving unique, lavish gifts to those you love has never been easier!

As much as I love to shop for myself and for my children, it gives me great pleasure to shop for other people, too, especially for my close friends and family. I love giving gifts even if there's nothing specific to celebrate. It's always fun to randomly surprise people I love with an unexpected unique gift they'll love.

When I was introduced to BeautyGram I thought it was such a terrific and unique gift-giving idea. (They were on Dragons' Den, too!) Basically, BeautyGram has taken all the hard work out of selecting the "perfect" gift. It's a company that is run by a Canadian mom, who had this brilliant idea—beauty in a box combined with online shopping. Win-win? I think so. (Moms are so smart, aren't they?)

Basically, a BeautyGram is a box, wrapped in a pretty bow, filled with all sorts of wonderful goodies. The box? Hot pink, of course. They ship right across Canada, too.

How adorable is this BeautyGram for a BFF? I'd love to give this to my very closest friend for her birthday, especially because she lives five hours away from me, and I don't often get to see her. This set is $45.00.

Popular beauty products are selected for the box, and you can choose from many different boxes, depending on the occasion and the person you're giving the BeautyGram to. It's the type of gift that will make the person you're giving it to feel very pampered and loved. You can even create your own customaized BeautyGram box. How unique and special is that? 

BeautyGram sent me their Signature box (which included all the items you see in the picture below) and it was such as a sweet gift to come home to. In fact, my sister loved it so much, I now know what to surprise her with the next time I feel like sending her an unexpected gift! This BeautyGram is only $45.00.

You can even get the Baby BeautyGram box, which is the absolute perfect gift to give to a new mom. Inside you'll find a baby bunny and organic baby products, like a bar of soap, baby oil, and even an organic cotton onesie. So adorable. This box is $95.00.
A favourite BeautyGram box of mine? The Blo one! As someone who goes for a blow-dry every week, this gift would be perfect for... me! This package is $75.00. This would be another great option to gift a new mom with, so she remembers to take care of herself!
 I love the Pretty Mama box, too. I actually really love them all.


My favourite option is building your own box. There are so many amazing products to choose from, and you can have so much fun putting this all together. 

I think you could customize a great box for an end of year gift for your children's teachers, too. I am certain they'd appreciate this type of gift after a busy school year.

Happy BeautyGram Shopping, my friends! And thank you for the gift, BeautyGram.