Apr 18 2014

13 Terrible Teen Gifts

Can Anyone Help Out This Gift-Challenged Auntie? Seriously!

by: Lisa Thornbury

My beautiful niece is turning thirteen this month. I've racked my brain, but the girl is impossible to buy for. She's stylish, on trend, and already has the newest thing before it's even a thing yet. So, what's an aunt to do? 

I've made a list, but all I can come up with is terribly inappropriate gifts, like . . . 

Apr 17 2014

Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Kids Occupied During a Road Trip

End Your Trip With Your Eardrums Intact

by: Lisa Thornbury

Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Kids Occupied During a Road Trip

"Getting there is half the fun?"

Depends who you ask. A seven-year-old will say road trips are rad. An exhausted forty-four-year-old mother of two will rock in a corner, muttering something about how suitcases don't pack themselves and how the GPS lady is so condescending. 

Mar 31 2014

Five EASY Pranks To Pull On Your Kids

Gags And Giggles Are Good For The Soul

by: Lisa Thornbury

I look forward to April Fools' Day every year, but there's a lot of pressure to come up with the perfect prank. I gave up on trying to "get" my husband years ago. Most of my friends too. They claim they can see it coming from a mile away. Really Sharon? Remember this epic prank? Thank you for not calling the police by the way.



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Lisa’s always loved a party. Having played bartender in a former life, this Party Mummy knows her way around a cocktail shaker and can shake her money maker. A sought after party guest, she’d jump at the chance to mix, mingle and be merry. Then she mixed, mingled and got married.

Now with two kids in tow, she knows firsthand how harried parents will often forgo being a social butterfly to stay at home and cocoon. But nothing would stop this Party Mummy...until her youngest was diagnosed with a serious medical condition. Then Lisa made the difficult decision to leave her teaching position after 10 years on the job and experienced a cocooning moment of her own. All of a sudden this Party Mummy was partied out. But she soon discovered that in the good times or bad, mummies still need to play and nothing could keep her from exercising her penchant for dreaming up playful, and practical, party themes.

So get back on the party train and join the conga line. Party Mummy reveals tried and true tips for entertaining and shares a few of her personal “what NOT to do” disasters.

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