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A Fashion Student's Project Throws Fashion a Curve

How Canada's Dare Magazine is Creating a Buzz

Oh, how I love it when a great idea takes off and there is a cool story attached. And I love it even more when it happens to a really nice — and very savvy — person. Such is the case with the launch of Canada's new magazine for curves — DARE, created by 21-year-old Diana Di Poce, a recent grad from the Fashion Communication Program at Ryerson's School of Fashion. The online magazine is taking off like wildfire but here's the best part — it was in essence, the project for her undergraduate thesis course! I'm thinking she passed...

Diana's goal for her online magazine catering to curves is to eventually make it a quarterly print publication. About her inspiration to create it, she says in her magazine:

Who did I want reading my publication? The answer was simple. The answer is me.  I want women like myself to be reading this magazine — fashion-forward ladies who have a strong passion for style and an eagerness to try new trends, who also hapen to wear a size 12 and up.

Model Kristina Yeo Graces the Cover of DARE

Model Erika Abad in the Editorials for DARE

The response to her launch has been overwhelming with newspapers across Canada picking up on the story and even Coco Perez catching wind of the new magazine. Model Kristina Yeo graces the cover and Erika Abad rocks the editorial. Canadian fashion icon Jeanne Beker, Project Runway Canada's Jessica Biffi, MTV Canada's Sheena Snively are some of the celebs featured within. And you get a little peek into my beauty bag as well!

If this is an indication of the future of fashion, I say bring it on! Canada needs a magazine that focuses not only on plus sizes but those in-between sizes that often get left out. Congrats to Diana for daring to dare!