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Yahoo! Voices Hacked

Seriously people, change your passwords already

I know you've been listening to me right? After LinkedIN was hacked you heeded my wisdom and changed your password right?

Well, guess what, it's another day, another password breach. This time over 400,000 accounts from the freelance writing consortium Yahoo! Voices have been leaked, and are floating around the internet in clear text. Yes, I said cleartext.

If you are a Yahoo! Voices user and want to find out if the email account linked to your Yahoo! Voices account was compromised click HERE

While we're talking about the leaked passwords, take a look at this list that reports contains the most commonly used passwords found in the leaked data. Is yours on the list? 

[number of accounts] [password]
1666 123456
780 password
437 welcome
333 ninja
250 abc123
222 123456789
208 12345678
205 sunshine
202 princess
172 qwerty
164 writer
162 monkey
161 freedom
160 michael
160 111111
140 iloveyou
139 password1
134 shadow
133 baseball
132 tigger
131 1a1a1a1b
126 success
121 blackhatworld
111 jordan
110 whatever
109 michelle
107 dragon
106 superman
106 purple
106 1234567
103 ashley
101 associated
101 123123
100 ginger
100 babygirl
99 maggie
98 computer

If your account was compromised, you'll want to heed the advice I gave you during the LinkedIN leak and change the password on any account that was created using this same email and password combination - just in case. In fact, if you're one of those people that use the same password for everything, I'd suggest changing that strategy today.

If you're looking for tips on secure passwords (and no, '123456' and 'password' do not count) then it's time to revisit my 'Time to Change Your Password' post

But seriously, go change your passwords already.