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My Ultimate Work From Home Tool Kit

How I Bring My Office Home

It’s cold and flu season. I’m not qualified to talk about home remedies, but what I can tell you about cold and flu season is that it always means the occasional day (or 10) of working from home for me. As much as I would love to lie on the couch in my comfy flannel pants watching TV all day, when I’m home sick I still have to spend time in my home office answering emails, printing documents, and scanning my notes to send back to the office for their review.

So what is my ultimate work from home tool kit? It’s actually collection of four things that make my home office integrate seamlessly with my cubicle: Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Cloud Print, and my Kodak Office Hero 6.1 Printer.

Dropbox - Well, I’ve already talked about how much I love Dropbox for sharing files. Dropbox allows me to save a file and work on it from anywhere, without having to connect via VPN. I can use the app on my mobile devices and my files are ready for me when I’m back in the office.

Google Docs - When we bought a new home computer, we had to make a decision on whether to purchase a new license for Microsoft Office or not. We chose not to, and when creating personal docs, we use Google Docs instead. Google Docs is free, and it’s easy to use, and exports and imports easily to most standard formats. It allows me to create files from home even if I left my laptop at the office.

Google Cloud Print - Using Google Cloud Print, I have put my home printer on the web, and made it available to family, coworkers and a few other people. This means that my BFF can print pictures of her son’s birthday party directly to my printer, and my office mate can print a file directly to my home office printer to have waiting for me for my review. I can even print from my iPad or laptop when I’m not in my office.

Kodak Office Hero 6.1 - This printer ties all my other tools together and makes my life even easier. It is a fully networked home office wireless all-in-one printer that allows me to print, copy, scan and fax from one location.

Perfect for keeping in touch with my regular office, the Kodak Office Hero 6.1 allows me to scan up to 35 pages with its automatic document feeder.

It’s also Google Cloud Print ready which allows me to send files wirelessly to the printer from my mobile device or PC. And, I can even share the printer’s unique email address with friends, family, colleagues and clients so they can send me printed files or photos (visit for details). I can’t think of a better way to use a printer.

I can print double sided (YES!), and with a 200 page document tray, and ability to store 70 pages of photo paper I don’t have to worry about running downstairs and scrambling to look for more paper for that print job my office sent me or the photos my BFF sent me via email. With high quality printing that doesn’t use a lot of ink, and a suggested retail price of $199.99, this printer is the ultimate addition to my home office tool kit at a great price.

You can go to to get more info on my office hero, the Kodak Office Hero 6.1, as well as five other new Kodak Hero printers available at various price points.

So, there you have it. Three apps, and the Kodak Office Hero 6.1 all-in-one printer that allow me to connect my home office seamlessly to my cubicle, friends, and family. Cold and flu season, bring it on.  

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