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Star Trek: Into Darkness Teaser Trailer Released

And I have many feelings on the subject

Star Trek. My favourite thing of all time. Star Trek: The Next Generation (or TNG from here on out) is my favourite thing that was ever on TV. Notice how I didn't say best, but favourite. Both my mum AND dad loved OS (the original series) so much, that we grew up watching every single one of those episodes. Mum was always for Kirk, and I, I'm a Picard girl. Of all the movies, I have to say, First Contact is my favourite one. Hell, I've been trying to get a chance to meet Sir Patrick Stewart for YEARS. I could die happy. Way back in 2009, when we were all treated to JJ Abrams first new-world/alternate universe Star Trek, I was cautious. But he roped me in the first five minutes. I think I may have actually said, "Well played, Abrams" out loud while crying. 

Subsequently, upon repeat viewings, I have NOT enjoyed this new version as much. The amount of lens flares and the strange alternate-universe liberties are some that I just can't get behind (the Uhura/Spock love connection isn't good for me). I think it's impressive what Abrams accomplished, and he's really opened up a whole new way to discover ST, but I'm not sure how it fits into my universe. ESPECIALLY because of my love of TNG. 

Anyways, there's been a boatload of speculation on the next installment of Abram's alternate universe ST (coming out in May, 2013) especially around who villain Benedict Cumberbatch is playing. In the teaser trailer (released last week, embedded below), his "yet unnamed" character narrates a very bleak visual spectacle with some very KEY ST symbols. Which point to one conclusion: he'll be Khan. 

JJ Abrams is famous for sending around false versions of scripts to throw people off what he's doing, yet, earlier, one page of a "script" leaked and it was made very clear that BC is playing the infamous and VERY much loved Khan Noonien Singh. Some argue this was one of his throw-offs because why would he make HIS second ST film the same as the second ST film—the film that is one of the best ever made in the ST universe? Possibly the most beloved. The reason my husband and I are even married (seriously). He's not that stupid, is he?

I'm not sure about his intelligence, but he seems to be doing very well for himself. His villain however, has many similarities to Khan—he HATES Kirk and Starfleet, he seems to have super human strength and intelligence and at one point, he's seen in a Starfleet uniform. This is key—for those of you who don't know, Khan (as played by Ricardo Monalban) was part of the OS. In a Starfleet uniform. 


So, you see why we nerds are questioning what's going on here. 

There is also a scene in the trailer with Kirk and Spock separated by a piece of glass and the two of them, hands outreached to each other, seems VERY familiar, no? 


Yep. that happens at the end of Wrath of Khan. Seems a little obvious that I'm surprised people are even questioning it. If Abrams has ripped off some of the most iconic pieces of original ST, but changed them to fit his own needs, I think he'll have a lot of angry nerds on his hands. 

The other idea floated is that he's Gary Mitchell, but that's HIGHLY unlikely and I think people might be grasping for straws in the hopes that it's NOT Khan. I think Abrams is a smarter writer than that and would have placed a friend of Kirk's someplace in the first film so he wouldn't have to completely introduce someone new in the second. Seems like poor planning, especially in a world where people love those little teasers. 

With a full 9 minute prologue playing before the IMAX version of The Hobbit coming out on Friday and a longer trailer later this week, there's a lot of Trek talk even though we're 5 months away from the release date. 

So, spill it! What do you think about the new Star Trek, into Darkness teaser trailer and the rumours around the film?