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Talking To Toddlers Vol I: Turning Three

Contemplative musings from a three-time sun circler

Twitter sensation @HonestToddler made his debut in the digital pages of this esteemed publication this week, with YMC's own Buzzing Mummy Julie Green concluding "if only we could really get inside that toddler brain to find out what makes it tick. For now, Honest is as good as it gets."

Challenge accepted. 

With my daughter's third birthday arriving this weekend, I had intended to write some sort of reflective blog post talking about everything I have experienced so far and all the things I am looking forward to during my kid's fourth year on the planet but after Julie unintentionally thew down the gauntlet I had to respond by going inside my toddler's brain. Well, by interviewing her, at least. 

So, without further ado, here is—in her own words—my toddler's take on turning three: