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Putting Together a Summer Fun List

Make The Most Of Your Staycation

Yesterday was Father’s Day and it was a lovely, sunny day in Toronto. We had set the whole day aside for Mr. Org and after a delicious Dim Sum brunch and chilling out at home for a bit, we found ourselves looking for something fun to do with the Kid for an hour or two.

What to do? Around here we turn to our Summer Fun List.

Every year we take a bit of time before the summer starts to put together a list of all of the fun things we’d like to do on our weekends or “stay”cation days. These are things beyond hanging out in our backyard or hitting the neighbourhood parks and splash pads. The list includes day trips, local festivals and events, along with activities that could be fit in on any afternoon when we find ourselves with nothing to do.

From the list we plan get togethers with friends and schedule outings for the three of us. Or we spontaneously head off on an adventure on a lazy day. We never end up getting to everything in the list in a summer but we have lots of fun trying to make our way through!

Here’s what we have so far:

Take a look at what’s going on in your neck of the woods and put together a list of your own to make your way through this summer. And if you have a list, let me know what you have on there. Would love some more ideas.

And what did we end up doing yesterday? We went mini-putting and had a blast!