Jan 15 2015

Dump 'n Bake: No-Headache No-Boil Homemade Mac 'n Cheese

The simple non-boil, roux-free baked mac 'n cheese that doesn't compromise on taste

by: Gav Martell

No Boil Macaroni and Cheese

We're currently trying to sell our house. Nothing exciting there, but it means my ability to mess up the kitchen is severely limited. Couple that with the fact that my family still needs to eat dinner every night and you'll see I've got myself quite the conundrum. I need solutions for delicious dinners that don't make a big mess and minimize the amount of dirty dishes they generate.

Dec 29 2014

Score a Touchdown with this Horseradish Cheddar Beer Soup

The Perfect Dish Just In Time for the Football Playoff Season

by: Gav Martell

horseradish cheddar soup

As a Canadian man with a wife from Wisconsin, there is certainly never a shortage of cheese or beer in our house. This delicious soup incorporates both into a dish like nothing you’ve probably ever tasted before. This vegetable broth based soup is hearty, filling, and delicious. With a bit of bite from the horseradish, and great depth of flavour thanks to the sauteed onion, garlic, and roasted red pepper, this sharp cheddar and dark beer soup is a perfect dish to start off any meal and perfect to feed to your hungry football playoff guests.

Dec 12 2014

A Year in Food: 8 Favourite Recipes of 2014

A wholly subjective view of an entirely delicious year

by: Gav Martell

top recipes 2014

2014 is ramping up into holiday season before bidding us a fond adieu. That means a lot of entertaining and cooking for friends and family. To help you stay inspired I went through all of the YMC recipes I posted this year and chose my absolute favourites for you below.

So what are you waiting for? Gather some of your favourite people around and send 2014 out in delicious style!


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You can find Gav on his food blogGrill Interruptedwhere he takes a break from the busy to jot down some recipes. He is always on the lookout for new foods to experiment with and new ways to get the kids helping out behind the counter.

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