Aug 27 2014

Taking In A Baseball Game? Here's Where You Should Eat!

A look at some of the best places for Canadians to eat "just outside" some of America's ballparks

by: Gav Martell

Long before the Blue Jays ever played their first snowy game in April 1973, Canadians have been dipping south of the border for baseball road trips. While the game has always been cradled as America's past-time, the tradition of travelling from city to city to take in a game at multiple stadiums has practically become a Canadian rite of passage.

Aug 11 2014

Just How Safe Are Canada's Food Allergen Warnings?

A look at the effectiveness of food allergy labels

by: Gav Martell

For approximately 7% of Canadians, food allergies are no laughing matter. Those with food allergies have immune systems that mistakenly react to proteins in certain foods. Reactions can range from minor skin irritations, to gastro-intestinal issues,  respiratory or cardiovascular problems, and even death. Health Canada has implemented strict rules when it comes to labelling packaged foods with allergen warnings.

Aug 5 2014

You Can Make The Original 1964 Buffalo Wings Recipe

Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of The Buffalo Wing!

by: Gav Martell

Canadians have always had a soft spot for Buffalo, NY. If cities could be adopted, Canada would have made Buffalo a member of the family long ago. We love to shop and watch football games there, and occasionally poke fun at the number of snow storms they get hit with. Another favourite is the famed Buffalo chicken wing! This year, celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Buffalo Wingit’s a saucy one.


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