Apr 14 2014

Why Sharing My Recipe Posts May Change Your Life

"You never know where a cookie recipe will get you!"

by: Gav Martell

It's not every day you get a message telling you that your cookie recipe post may have changed someone's life. 

I was working away on a document I was already late delivering when a twitter message popped up on my screen "You never know where a cookie recipe will get you!" A reader had reconnected with the love of her life by sharing a recipe of mine on Twitter. The details are right off of the pages of a book or the big screen. So let's jump back a few years...

Apr 13 2014

5 Tips To Help Get Your BBQ Ready For Summer

Give your grill the spring cleaning it deserves

by: Gav Martell

As the weather warms, many people decide it's an appropriate time to thoroughly clean whatever cobwebs and junk piles have accumulated over the winter. For me it always means cleaning out the garage, the shed, and the porch. It's also a great habit for spring cleaning to include your outdoor grill!

Mar 31 2014

Pambazos: Mexican Fried Eggplant Sandwich Recipe

The vegetarian Mexican street food that you need to have in your belly

by: Gav Martell

I'm not sure how you say orgasm in Spanish. But I'm going to assume it's 'Pambazos.' I learned about this Mexican street food a few years ago on Serious Eats and have been waiting for an opportunity to make it ever since. A sinfully delicious vegetarian combo of refried beans mixed with spicy and flavour-packed chili in adobo sauce, layered with home-roasted pablano peppers, fried eggplant, lettuce, and avocado... smothered with red enchilada sauce and finally grilled in a panini press. Absolute pallet-pleasing ecstasy. 



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