Aug 20 2013

Special BLISSDOM Discount for YMC Members

Just another reason why I'm so excited for Blissdom 2013

by: Erica Ehm

Blissdom 2013

If the women running BlissDom gave me a medal that read Erica Ehm, Exective Advisor and Publication Partner BlissDom 2013, I'd wear it every day. Call me a nerd for being so excited, but being asked to be on BlissDom Advisory Board this year is one of my proudest moments. I've been attending BlissDom since its inception in Canada in 2010.

Aug 6 2013

Girl Power and Pink LemonAid for Because I am a Girl

How Your Child's Small Actions Can Make Big Changes

by: Erica Ehm

Girl Power and Pink LemonAid for Because I am a Girl

I pick the non-profits I want to support carefully. When there is an organization that focuses much of its attention on postive change for girls and women, then it gets my attention.

Jul 30 2013

Best Camera Ever: Samsung Galaxy S Camera

Just Shoot and Share

by: Erica Ehm

Best Camera Ever: Samsung Galaxy S Camera

I have discovered the most amazing camera. If you're living in the digital world like I am, the Samsung Galaxy S EK-GC100 Camera with blow your mind!



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