Jan 9 2014

How to Know If It's Really an Allergic Reaction

When You Should Use an Epipen

by: Erica Ehm

How To Know If It's Really An Allergic Reaction

One of the many scary and confusing things about dealing with severe allergies is that it can present differently each time. When you think of an allergic reaction, most of us picture hives and itchy skin, right? At least I did when my daughter was diagnosed eight years ago. But there are other symptoms of a SEVERE allergic reaction that can be way harder to recognize.

Dec 8 2013

YMC Wins Two Awesome Digital Awards

Canadian Weblog Awards and Babble Pick YMC

by: Erica Ehm

Canadian Weblog Award and Babble Award

It was a week of good news for YMC. First, YMC was given the honour of First Place at the Canadian Weblog Awards (CWAs) in the General Interest category (for weblogs that cover a range of tips separated into different sections.)

Dec 3 2013

Pink in Concert

Through A Mom's Lens

by: Erica Ehm

pink in concert

Not a lot of pop stars out there balance on the edge of naughty and nice like Pink does. I'm a big fan, especially since she became a mom to daughter Willow. As with all of us who've had kids, her priorities seem to have shifted a bit — in a good way. She seems to have found that healthy balance of being mom while being mighty; something some of us let go of because we have been overwhelmed by motherhood.


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Erica's son Josh, daughter Jessie and hubby Terry give her the freedom to have a life that includes being a mom and wife, but also an entrepreneur, girlfriend, avid reader, part-time runner, and full time multi-tasker.

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