Dec 1 2012

Getting Back Into an Intimacy Groove

Intimacy has been shifted to my baby and I need to recreate it with my husband. Time to try a sexy board game.

by: Dr. Trina Read

Week #13 Six Month Sex Challenge

What is Intimacy?
Too often people assume that the word ‘intimacy’ has to do solely with sex: saying things like, “Let’s get intimate tonight.” When I appear on some TV shows, the producers ask me to substitute the word ‘intimacy’ for ‘sex’ to make the segment ‘kid friendly’.

Nov 16 2012

It's an All-About-My-Husband Sexapalooza

For being such a great husband, I decided to treat him to three weeks of all-about-him sexy fun

by: Dr. Trina Read

Week #11 Six Month Sex Challenge

For being such a great husband, I decided to treat him to three weeks of sexy fun. It’s an all-about-him sexapalooza.

I needed a male perspective on what men would like, so I naturally called on my friend and Sexologist, Dr. Brian Parker, owner of an on-line high-end sex toy company. Dr. Brian is a tireless advocate who educates people on healthy sexual products. He has a ton of F-R-E-E information on his website to help you make educated purchases.

Nov 11 2012

I Went Underwear Shopping...With My Two Toddlers

I thought buying a cute bra and panty set would help me feel sexy again. It did just the opposite.

by: Dr. Trina Read

Week #10—Six Month Sex Challenge

Ode to my Lingerie Draw
Since university—while living on spaghetti and adrenaline—I’ve always had a drawer full of beautiful, expensive lingerie. It cusped on obsession. And this was before the Victoria Secret took the world by storm.

In my twenties, I swore up, down and sideways that unless it had to do with period-panties, I would NEVER under any conditions, ever, wear cotton undies.

Nov 4 2012

Sex in the Middle of Post-Partum Depression

The We-Vibe is a freakin’ marvelous sex toy!

by: Dr. Trina Read

Week #9—The Six Month Sex Challenge

Struck with The Baby Blues
I suppose I’m lucky. I’ve dealt with mild depression for twenty years. Managed by an on-going regime of eating well, exercise and understanding what is happening, rather than fighting it.

With both babies my post-partum depression has come out suddenly—mostly when I’m exhausted—stays a while and then goes away. My world hasn’t been turned upside down because I’m used to depression; it’s more of a hugely inconvenient blip.

Oct 29 2012

Hot Oil Massage? Yes Please!

The best foreplay EVER is day dreaming of an all-about-me hot oil massage.

by: Dr. Trina Read

Week #8—Six Month Sex Challenge

The Magnificent Jimmy Jane Candle
Warm massage oil being dribbled onto and lovingly massaged into my tired naked body. This was the thought that I’ve fantasized, perhaps obsessed, about all week.

Oct 22 2012

Hooray! We Finally Had Sex

Pass the lubricant honey...and plenty of it...mommy has a dry vagina.

by: Dr. Trina Read

Week #7—Six Month Sex Challenge

After my last blog post about not knowing whether to carry on with this challenge, I had to sit down and do a lot of hard thinking. Actually, it was three days of bouncing between bouts of crying and angrily asking myself, “Why does this have to be so difficult? I just want to have sex.”

Oct 13 2012

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good (Sex) Intentions

It seems my good intentions are not enough to help my flagging sex life.

by: Dr. Trina Read

Week #6 Six Month Sex Challenge

Intention. Such a little word with such big meaning.

I came to the startling realization this week that my sex life has always been and always will be ruled by my intentions (a bit of a Sexologist’s “Eureka” moment actually).

For the last six years, my life’s intention was to have a child. This intention was so strong that, at times, I was blinded to all else.

Oct 9 2012

Sex in a Tube?

Will a liquid herbal supplement really help me feel like having sex?

by: Dr. Trina Read

This love affair with natural herbal supplements started in those experimental days of University. I discovered how ginseng gives you pep, as well how St. John’s Wort is the only thing that will calm me down when I’m in the midst of an evil-PMS episode.

Sep 30 2012

What the *!?*!? was I Thinking Trying to Have Sex?

Stretched too thin, grumpy and I'm still supposed to feel like getting my jiggy on? Not likely.

by: Dr. Trina Read

(Note: I wrote this post during the holiday season so sorry for any confusion when you start reading about Christmas.)

Sep 22 2012

Finding Intimacy in the Middle of a Hernia

I went into Emergency and my husband went into his 'man cave' and somehow we still found time for sex.

by: Dr. Trina Read

Week #3 of my Six Month Sex Challenge and because last week we focussed on my sexual needs, this week it's my husband's turn. Problem is I had a hernia and intercourse was out of the question. Just one more complication in trying to get sex back on track.

Lesson learned from last week: Having my sexual needs met won’t always be greeted enthusiasm. It seems unfair that sex always has to include intercourse in order for my husband to be satisfied...I really need to set a new sex precedent.


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