Apr 8 2013

Create the Perfect Man Day

Love bomb your man with an aphrodisiac steak, a frosty beer...and these love tips.

by: Dr. Trina Read

We often hear that men should help his woman feel special but rarely do we hear that a woman should help her man feel special.

So ladies it's time for a 'Man Day.' Find more at: Eat Drink Love TV.

Find out how to make this recipe on EatDrinkLoveTV.com


Mar 24 2013

Have a Lazy Day Love-In

Eat Drink Love: Creating happy relationships with food and drink

by: Dr. Trina Read

Very excited to announce my new video series called Eat Drink Love. It's all about creating happy relationships and memories with yummy food and drink. Here is the first attempt at creating this video series and any feedback you have is greatly appreciated.

Have a Lazy Day Love-In

Ever have one of those couple-fighting days? No matter how you try to stay out of each other's way, you are still grating on each other's last nerve...

Mar 15 2013

Products to Awaken Your Sensuality

The Earthly Delights tin is a great sensual starter kit

by: Dr. Trina Read

Six Month Sex Challenge: Week #20

Before I became a sex expert...
Before I officially took the plunge to become a sex expert—I was working at an accounting firm in Corporate Canada if you can believe it—I thought a good way to get my feet wet in the sex world would be to be home sex party rep. You must understand fifteen years ago this type of business was still pretty new to the marketplace.


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