Mar 31 2013

New Food Guide Helps Restaurants Navigate Allergies

Aimed to create safer dining experiences for customers with food allergies

by: Devan McGuinness

Living life with food allergies can have an impact on many areas of your life. Aside from the health implications from food allergies, social situations can also be strained when you have serious health consequences around certain foods. One area that's tricky for anyone with a food allergy, food intolerance or food-related autoimmune disorder is dining out at a restaurant. 

Mar 19 2013

10 Hidden Sources of Gluten

It may be hiding where you least expect it

by: Devan McGuinness

1) Pet food

When it comes to removing the offending food allergen from our diet, we often take a lot of time looking at our diet, but what about your pets? Most pet foods that you can buy contain some form of gluten in it so you either need to find a grain-free variety or be extra careful in how you feed them.

Mar 12 2013

7 Tips For Surviving Your Spring Allergies

How to manage your spring-time allergies

by: Devan McGuinness

We just changed our clocks forward and that means Spring is just around the corner. Spring is a favourite season for many people since it brings with it lots of sun and a break from the winter gloom.

For other people, springtime marks the start of their battle with environmental allergies. It goes far beyond just annoying sneezing and some people really suffer during this time of year. There are some ways you can help make the springtime allergies a little easier on you—it just takes a little planning. 


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