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Every day I get emails asking me "how to...?" or "what's the truth about...?" or some variation on that theme.

A lot of your emails are my inspiration for the posts I put up here.

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Without a doubt, however, there are some topics that simply get asked about more often than anything else, and most of them are related to using the products you already own.

A little while ago YMC launched a great YouTube channel (you should subscribe if you haven't) and I decided to record my answers to the most commonly asked beauty questions in my in-box.

In no particular order:

Cosmetics Myths

There are so many it's hard to narrow down to one short video, but here are the top three I hear all the time:


How to Wash Your Face

Most people think the secret to great looking skin is based on the moisturizer they are using.  The most important step in a skin care program however, is proper cleansing.


How to Define the Eyes

"I want eye make up like. . . . " is something I hear it all the time when doing make up.  Eye make up is not complicated, just very specific:


Lipstick Application

Shaping the lips can be tricky, but knowing how to use the correct tools, select the correct shade -and of course practice - will help.


Selecting Foundation

So many women are wearing the wrong shade of foundation.  Here is the bullet proof way to select the perfect shade just for you - no matter what brand you buy.

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