Consuelo Bernardi: The B Sides


Good Music

Some Fabulous New Music

After a week filled with lackluster 'overly pitchy, not feeling it' performances on Amercian Idol and a really heinous song making the YouTube rounds a miilion times over...(FYI: I will unfriend and unfollow anyone who buys this song on iTunes...cross my heart).

(Note to Jon Bon Jovi....Steve Jobs isn't killing the music industry, the Rebecca Black's of the world are. But on that note I did have a dream last night that Eminem and Dr Dre went on the Jimmy Fallon show and covered 'Friday' and it was as the kids say today, an 'epic' performance. So now I think it should totally happen. Are you listening to me Jimmy?)

I figured that some good music should be heard to stop our ears from bleeding. It's my good deed for the day. You're welcome.

The Lines...from across the pond, UK indie rockers who are just fabulously brilliant.

(Ben) Lovett...from the Southern parts of the USA

Northcote...from Victoria, BC