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Introducing Space Fight

New Music Find: Pop Meets Rock

Space Fight's story begins as a romantic tale.

In 2009, Spencer Miles—frontman, bassist, and New Jersey native—quit his job, left the band he was in, and packed up to follow his girlfriend to London despite not knowing where he would live, if he would find a job, nor ever having visited the city before. Once he arrived, Miles fortuitously met drummer Billy Hawkes and guitarist Tom Welch.

Space Fight, named in tribute to old school Atari and Intellivision games, was born shortly after. In 2011, Glasstone Records, an indie label in the UK, contacted Space Fight and asked to release the band's debut self-titled EP. The EP was released on March 14, 2011 to rave reviews, earning the band an opening spot on Ra Ra Riot's UK Tour, as well as airplay on Tom Robinson's BBC6 Music show.

Space Fight is currently recording their debut full length album.

Check out their track '22' (click here)

And here's the remix '22: RAC Maury Mix' (click here)