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Would you like an activity with those Chicken Pox?

Activities for sick kids

Despite the fact that my dd (who we now call Spot) was vaccinated for Chicken Pox as an infant...this week...she has...THE POX!  53 spots at highest count - which I understand is a fairly mild case.  What to do when your child is quarantined, contagious yet perfectly bored?...

Because, other than the odd itch and a bit tired...dear ol' Spot feels fine.  I've been giving her Oatmeal baths every morning and night to help soothe the skin (and tho you can buy "Oatmeal bath" packages in the store - 1/2 cup of rolled oats from the pantry does the same job). 

Spot has been allowed a generous amount of computer time.  The #TeachableMoment lover in me thinks she is developing her tech skills...but the Mom in me knows of the 2,547,120 views of the Official Michaeld Jackson Youtube channel - 1,000 have been from my house this week. 

And there has been puppet making and Archie comic book reading and painting and cookie baking.  No high energy activities but things that keep Spot quiet yet engaged.

Because, I - ME, needed a bit of quiet.  Add in the drama of me being 9 months pregnant  - and exposed to Chicken Pox.  At first I was fine about it - then sabbotaged by good intentions - friends & family were calling asking "Is the BABY ok?".  I went from feeling fine to freaked in a few hours. 

I have vague childhood memories - of possibly - having the pox...but no health records to prove it.  However, a blood test, marked STAT, proved I was immune (insert big honkin' sigh of relief here!). 

FYI - Pregnant women, who have not had Chicken Pox, can get a shot of varicella immune globulin within 4 days of exposure for protection. (I was past the 4 day exposure deadline.)

And in a way, the pox has been a gift to my Thing 2.  She is getting a ton of one-on-one going out time with a parent.  Yesterday, I took Thing 2 to see Megamind because I was going meganuts being stuck in the house for the better part of the week with Spot.  Sad for Spot to miss a movie outing but a special treat for Thing 2 to have just-me-and-Mom-time. [BTW: Megamind is not scary at all - the villian is more misunderstood than mean.]

Thanks to all my tweeps who have been sharing Chicken Pox advice and virtual hugs with me over the weekend.  It was good for my mental health to have twitter as my own acitivity this past few days.