Apr 9 2014

Blog To Book: Turn Your Posts Into Pages

The five steps you need to know if it's your dream to become a published author

by: Caroline Fernandez

The day Erica called and asked me to blog for Yummy Mummy Club was a turning point in my journey from blogger to book author. Have you ever wanted to blog? Write a magazine article? Get your book published? I went from being the Activity Mummy here on YMC, to writing magazine features, to becoming the published author of Boredom Busters.

Sep 11 2013

Why Blogging Makes Me A Better Mother

Blogging, Blissdom, And Being A Mom

by: Caroline Fernandez

mom blogger

With BlissDom Canada soon approaching, I think of myself what inspires me to blog, and ironically, they are the same things which inspire me to be a better mom. With that said, I bring up my most favourite post here on the Yummy Mummy Club "Why Blogging Makes Me A Better Mother"...

Blogging makes me a better mother because...it inspires me. And when I'm inspired, I am more inclined to motivate the people around me.

Sep 4 2013

Mom's Back-To-School Anxiety

He's Happy So Why Am I Crying?

by: Caroline Fernandez

Today is my son's 1st day of pre-school. We've been waiting, excitedly, for this day for 2-and-a-half years. He gave me a smile, a high five, and a "bye Mommy" when I dropped him off. He's happy...so why am I crying?!

Anxiety much Caroline?! Yes, yes I do.

You would think I would be so over this by now...3rd child...I've done all these milestones before. Yet, my stomach is turning and my shoulders are high and tight.




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