Candace Derickx: See Mummy Juggle


Wake Up Call

Turn your phone off and set the example

Tonight I watched a teenage girl get on the bus at Disney with her parents, nose buried in her cell phone, texting at a furious rate. Her parents looked exasperated and a little sad. They were at Disney after all and were probably hoping that their time here would be spent laughing, sharing and connecting like families are meant to on vacation.

I looked down at my two exhausted girls who were leaning against me. One was looking up at me talking in her typical mile a minute manner, relating back to me every single thing we had seen and done through the day. The other traced pictures on my hand with her finger. Both girls were totally present with me. They had no one else to share their thoughts with. No one to text with. No Facebook status to update. I realize in this moment that I have very little time left with them before these intrusions start to take hold in their lives.

I slip my phone back into my purse and silently promise to set a better example. Status updates, tweets, emails, voicemails can wait. This sweet, uninterrupted, time with my girls will not. Priorities Candace, remember your priorities.