Candace Derickx: See Mummy Juggle


Our True Pirate Adventure

Right Here in Mooney's Bay, Ottawa!

Let’s play a quick game of word association.

Parliament Hill ------------> Ottawa

Museum of Civilization ------> Ottawa

Bytown Museum -----------> Ottawa

Pirate Adventure -----------> Caribbean. WRONG-O! It’s Ottawa!

It’s true. You can find true pirate adventure in Ottawa! Just last week, my family and I had the opportunity to board the Grey Ghost, a pirate vessel in Mooney’s Bay and we were temporarily transformed into Cutthroat Candace, Billy the Squid, Abominable Ava and Captain Morgan. Don’t mess with this pirate family, me hardy! Aaaargh!

First, let me say, what a hoot we had. All of us. These pirates have it all figured out! The hour and fifteen minute adventure on the high bay, had just the right amount of story, action, and interaction to amuse everyone. My girls, at first reluctant to go, walked away all giggles and proclamations of “THAT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN!”

Our shipmates for the journey consisted of Captain Gulliver, Deadeye and Porthole. As expected, any pirate trip wouldn’t be complete unless you were looking for treasure, and if you didn’t have a mutiny on board, courtesy of Pirate Pete in this case. There was also a sword fight, and a dance off. Wait, a dance off? You betcha. This is a very modern pirate ship after all. There are also water cannons, a good old fashioned plank walk and a map in a floating bottle. Put it all together and it’s just plain F-U-N.

When we arrived, a day camp full of kids was just pulling back in. Our journey was filled with moms, dads, grandparents and of course, kids. I couldn’t help but think what a great birthday party this would be. These wise pirates thought of it before me, because they do that, as well as field trips and corporate events. Talk about a break from the mundane!

If you’re in Ottawa, and you haven’t done the Pirate Adventure in Mooney’s Bay yet, I highly recommend it. You can make it a full day by hanging out at the beach and heading over to Hog’s Back to view the falls. If you’re coming from out of town, make sure you make time for this in your itinerary. Your kids will be amazed that they swash buckled in the Nation’s Capital.

To book, visit PIRATEADVENTURES.CA  I for one, have continued on with one small part of our day. You may now refer to me at Cutthroat Candace.

Check out more of our pictures from our great day aboard the Grey Ghost!

Captain Gulliver

Loving pirate stories

Porthole holds the treasure map retrieved from the bay

Blasting Pirate Pete with the water cannons

Pirate Pete stages a mutiny

A swordfight between Pirate Pete and Deadeye

Pirate Pete in the bay after walking the plank

Sorting through the booty


Thanks to Ottawa Tourism for giving us the opportunity to participate in this Pirate Adventure!