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Great Online And Offline Educational Resources For Kids

Whether school is out, or your kids need a bit more, these sites will help

If you, like me, live in beautiful British Columbia, and have kids in the public school system, then you're in the same boat as I am. Our kids won't be in school for at least two weeks, and possibly not even until October. I'm frustrated, of course, and my kids are greatly disappointed. They love school — their friends, their teachers, learning new things. I told them that I'd find them some online sites and maybe some workbooks to keep their minds sharp and to keep them from playing Minecraft for many hours a day.

Whether you're in B.C. or not, you may appreciate these additional resources for parents and kids.

I polled the YMC writers and got a few great ideas:

Jennifer Rathwell: If you search Montessori method a lot of home schoolers like to follow it — best part is the self-directed learning. Let the kids take deep dives into what interests them.

Andrea Nair: Hands down best math site is: Khan Academy. It is funded by the Bill Gates Foundation.

Nicole MacPherson: JUMP has great math workbooks; I use them for enrichment for my kids.

I looked around at my kids' school websites and found some more helpful links:

Learn Now B.C.

SMART Reading

ABC Teach

My eldest son is in French Immersion and his teacher from last year (Sixth grade) has a page of great links. As he's starting seventh grade, I checked that teacher's page, and she has even more great links for him to peruse.

I searched for "educational resources for parents" and found a few more:

Discovery Education Canada (We love the Discovery channel!)

JumpStart for kids

B.C. Learning Info Resources

Those are just the tip of the iceberg, if you Google the resources available. Are there any sites (or workbooks) that you love and want to share? 

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