Apr 8 2014

Entrepreneur Of The Week: Lesley Hobbs

Meet The Founder Of Mushybooks

by: Amy and Danielle

Who: Lesley Hobbs, owner of Mushybooks. Mushybooks is a collection of modern baby books. Lesley wants moms and dads to have baby book options that aren't all "pink and blue." 
In Business Since: 2014
Mar 24 2014

Entrepreneur Of The Week: Susan Watkin

Meet The Founder Of Watkin Small Business Service

by: Amy and Danielle

Who: Susan Watkin, owner of Watkin Small Business Service. Susan is an accountant and business information professional, who works with clients to create sound business and financial strategies, maintain accurate financial records, and plan for future growth for their business.
In Business Since: 2012
Mar 18 2014

Entrepreneur Of The Week: Melissa Dimock

Meet The Founder Of Bytown Beanery

by: Amy and Danielle

Who: Melissa Dimock, owner of Bytown Beanery. Bytown Beanery is a coffee micro-roastery, operating on a roast-to-order basis, based in Ottawa, ON. The company’s promise to customers is to provide high quality, ethical beans, freshly roasted, at competitive prices. 
In Business Since: 2011
Mar 10 2014

Entrepreneur Of The Week: Sheree Wells

Meet The Founder Of Travelbug Baby Equipment Rentals

by: Amy and Danielle

Who: Sheree Wells, owner of Travelbug Baby Equipment Rentals. Travelbug Baby "goes the distance," so your family can explore Toronto in comfort and style with their baby rental equipment. They rent top brands with an extensive inventory that includes strollers, car seats, cribs, and even bottle sterilizers. Their service includes delivery, set-up, and pick-up, so that you can focus more on the adventure rather than the packing.

In Business Since: 2013

Mar 4 2014

Entrepreneur Of The Week: Kimberly Ignas

Meet The Founder Of Appreciating Health

by: Amy and Danielle

Who: Kimberly Ignas, owner of Appreciating Health. Kimberly is a Holistic Nutritionist who proudly specializes in pre-conception, pre-natal, and post-natal nutrition for women right through to the introduction of solid foods for their babies and toddlers, as well as good food and good health for the whole family. 
In Business Since: 2012
Feb 24 2014

Entrepreneur Of The Week: Karen Walker

Meet The Founder Of SwaggerTag

by: Amy and Danielle

Who: Karen Walker, owner of SwaggerTag. SwaggerTags are identification tags that reflect your personality and help you keep track of your gear. By customizing with your own photo, image, or logo, you can let everyone know it’s your stuff. You decide what personal information to include and your SwaggerTag reveals the information only if it is opened. A SwaggerTag is water, weather, and impact resistant, with strong attachment points and ties to ensure it will stay with your gear. 
Feb 12 2014

Entrepreneur Of The Week: Larissa Stefani

Meet The Founder Of Lloyd & Wolf

by: Amy and Danielle

Who: Larissa Stefani, owner of Lloyd & Wolf Couture. Lloyd & Wolf is a Vancouver-based brand of individual handcrafted, limited-run, luxury leather goods. Using the highest quality leathers from Italy, Spain, and the USA, bags are handcrafted in both Spain and Vancouver. Each of the pieces is hand numbered. 
In Business Since: 2010
Feb 5 2014

Entrepreneur Of The Week: Tara Sinclair Hingco

Meet The Founder Of Art & Design Studio

by: Amy and Danielle

Who: Tara Sinclair Hingco, owner of Art & Design Studio, providing personalized prints and inspirational art for gift giving and home decor.
In Business Since: 2007   
Business Highlights: Being featured in several online blogs (Weddingbells, Etsy, SheKnows, Babble, Baby Centre) and on CityLine TV.
Jan 29 2014

Mompreneur Of The Week: Jo Mazgay

meet the owner of Chic Tags

by: Amy and Danielle

Who: Jo Mazgay, owner of Chic Tags
Chic Tags is custom designed personalized hand stamped sterling silver jewellery. Every piece is made for individual purchasing and can be modified in many ways, so it's a representation of the person it's intended for. Chic Tags can add names, dates, phrases, meaningful words, birthstones, or other charms with significance to you.
Jan 24 2014

New Year, New Feature: Mompreneur Of The Week

would you like to be featured in an upcoming column on YMC?

by: Amy and Danielle

Amy and Danielle
If you know anything about us, you know that we love all forms of entrepreneurship, but we have a soft spot for small businesses, and especially for moms who are raising businesses and families at the same time.



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Amy Ballon and Danielle Botterell have been finishing each other’s sentences for more than 20 years now. Over the last two decades they’ve been classmates, roommates, ‘best woman’ at each other’s weddings, and had five kids between them. In between all of this, they’ve been business partners and co-authors.

Amy and Danielle are passionate about all things small business. They frequently speak on the topic of entrepreneurship to the media, at seminars and conferences. Amy and Danielle co-founded Admiral Road Designs, which they sold in 2013 after more than a decade. They also wrote Mom Inc. — How to Raise Your Family and Your Business Without Losing Your Mind or Your Shirt, published by HarperCollins. These days, the best friends continue to work together, advising other entrepreneurs via their business, Spark Consulting.

In Mom Ink, Amy and Danielle will share insights, tips, advice, and the occasional straight-up confession about life as a mom and an entrepreneur.  Are you a Yummy Mummy with a business? Or just thinking about it?  Welcome to Mom Ink — where we look at the good, the bad, and the sticky of life as mom entrepreneur.

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