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Inside the Dragons' Den

Back For Season Six

Another year, another season of Dragons' Den – the Canadian business reality tv show.  At one million-plus viewers each week, Dragons' Den is a smash hit.  It’s back for Season 6, and I love it.  Like, really love it.  I love the self-made Dragons; I love the business owners from across Canada; I love the business ideas.  And as a co-owner of Admiral Road for the past 10 years, I love the relatability of the stories. There are innovations, successes and colossal failures – just like anyone who runs a small business will experience.

This season I want to blog about the Dragons' Den episodes.  As working women and self-employed moms, I really believe there is much to be learned from this show.  Plus, with an all-Canadian cast, you’re sure to recognize some of the mompreneurs making their pitches.  In seasons past we’ve seen Teach My, Momzelle, Tail Wags and My Smart Hands on the show, just to name a few.

I also have to admit, that I’ve got a thing going with the Dragons too.  I’m kind of collecting them.  Like trading cards.  It started when Arlene Dickinson provided a quote to endorse Mom Inc.  As single-mom-of-four who pulled herself out of poverty to become an entrepreneur and millionaire, how could you not be floored by what she has accomplished, but also the way in which she has accomplished it?  We were thrilled to have her associated with Mom Inc. 

Then there’s the infamous Kevin O’Leary with his Gordon Gekko “greed is good” mantra and unfailing ability to squash the dreams of burgeoning entrepreneurs.  Even though we were shaking in our boots prior to an appearance on The Lang and O’Leary Exchange earlier this year, I must say, it was one of the highlights of our business lives.  When Kevin O’Leary suggested that women who work end up with screwed up kids and Amanda Lang accused him of being a Caveman?  Priceless! 

I had a random encounter last year in Las Vegas when I bumped into Robert Herjavec at an outlet mall.  When I introduced myself he was as affable as his tv persona would allow you to believe.

Surprise guest W. Brett Wilson was very fun to meet at the My Smart Hands Dragon’s Den party last year.  He’s off the show now, but I’m loving his replacement, the newest Dragon, Bruce Croxon, co-founder of Lavalife.

Jim Treliving – I don’t think we travel in the same circles…but I look forward to meeting you too.

So I’ll see you all after the next episode.  Can’t wait to chat about it with you,